A Very AA Christmas

0120, 25 December, 2012

An eight wheeled armored vehicle flashes it's lights and drives through a gap in a berm and rumbles to a stop on a small asphalt parking lot, followed by a six wheeled truck. A large, scarred man with tanks on his back waves from his position along the berm as the truck passes, then walks behind it to drag coils of razor wire to close the entrance. The LAV's crew park and dismount, embracing before walking off.

The scarred man leaves his post and walks over to the truck to help the driver, a woman in her mid 20's, unload. "Merry christmas, Jill" he says as he hops down from the bed with a case of Nutty Bars. He looks down at them and frowns for a moment, then returns to his previous easy demeanor, tossing cases of goods off the truck.

As she unloads a large box marked "CHRISTMAS TREE" in bold letters, "Can't believe we made it." She hauls it over to another, bigger tent. She returns with a dolly for the rest of the goods.

"Rough trip? Didn't look like y'all took any fire" He starts piling cases of canned goods, toilet paper and other sundries onto the dolly. At this point, others come out of respective tents, including the large one, and start helping with things. One of them, in a flowing blue dress, rummages around before finding what she was obviously looking for and hurries off. Another, much younger, glowing man, unpacks and sets up multicolored lights along the big tent. It smells distinctly of food when someone enters or leaves it. Food and *home*.

"No, I mean *here*. We finally made it somewhere with enough resources to be able to stay in one place and settle down." She looks distant for a bit, then smiles at him and passes a small, blue wrapped box."Merry Christmas to you too, John".

"Now, let's go see what's for christmas eve dinner" A goofy grin spreads across his face as he rubs his hands together and heads off. She follows him.

1030, 25 December, 2512

"Shouldn't you be in bed?", a warm, fatherly looking man says to his daughter, who just walked out of her room in the hut. "The truk won't come tonight and leave you anything if you don't go to bed"

"I can't sleep, Daddy. Tell me a story. Pleeeease?" A young girl, perhaps five at most, looks up at him. She pouts.

"Alright." he gets up from his seat and leads her into her room, before sitting down in a chair beside her bed "Now, which one would you like to hear?"

"Will you tell me the one about twenty-trees again, will you daddy?"

"You've already heard that one"

"Pleeeeeeeeeeease? It's my favorite!"

The fatherly man sighs and begins. "A long time ago, before you or I or even old Adjukant Peter were born, there was a land far across the water. And in it was the mighty fortress of Twenty Trees. There many brave warriors kept evil monsters locked away in dungeons, while Preists and Adjukants studied the monsters, in hopes they could learn from them, and learn how to stop other monsters that they hadn't locked away yet. All the Direktor's men worked hard all day and all night to keep everybody safe, but the Direktor was a foolish man, and h-"

"What a poopy head. I *hate* the Direktor" she interrupts

"And he treated his men badly, making them fight other kingdoms so they could keep the most monsters. And then one day something very bad happened. There was a great upheavel and the monsters went free, and the evil kingdoms tried to take over the world. The Direktor's men were loyal, even to the end, and fought valiantly to contain the worst of them, sacrificing themselves for the world. But it wasn't enough. All the Direktor's Dees and all the Direktor's Men couldn't put the fortress back together again. The best of his men, Mega's Twenty Trees, because they were all as big and strong as the biggest trees in the land, managed to hold the monsters off long enough to escape, before one of them, Kar, went back to make a piece of the sun he had locked away destroy the fortress and all the monsters in it. The rest of them escaped in a wagon of iron, trying to find somewhere safe, where they could make a new world, and a new k-"

The man stops, seeing his daughter finally asleep. He smiles at her, pulls her blankets over her and walks into the main room of his hut, before wrapping up a series of presents for her and for his wife, and placing them in the middle of a circle of twenty small saplings, for when she wakes up in the morning.

Suddenly, he hears a very sharp thud, followed by a loud rumbling. He runs out the door, ghan in hand, and opens it. He's nearly blinded by the lights of a massive, evil looking machine, but he notices a a humanoid figure in black, form fitting armor dismount the back of it and yell to a truck behind it <Dammit Joey!>, while training a much larger weapon on the fatherly looking man. <DROP THE WEAPON>

The end.

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