Sometimes, characters do wonderful things. Incredible things. Beautiful things. And sometimes they do terrible, horrific, and nigh unbelievable things. Or have such things done to them. This is where we record those things in pithy ways. The achiever may choose how to word their achievement.


That's No Moon. Alanoch tested his anti-ship laser on an errant giant insect. The laser was so powerful that it made a hole in the moon.

Shaken, Not Stirred. Alanoch killed a man who had SCP-209, a tumbler that gave the one who drank from it power over others in the vicinity, by melting the tumbler and superheating its contents as the man drank.


I am become Death. The same night that Alanoch killed the man by boiling the Tumbler, Chainshank destroyed, but didn't kill, one hundred demonic unliving children contained by an evil circus. He was promoted to a psychopomp for the effort.

ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? He killed Zoe, Kay and Alice, by himself, in a tournament put on by the Demon Sisters.


Big Bang Theory. Charlotte utilized her superior powers of persuasion (also known as "complete mind control") to force a Daevite minion to pull the pin on a grenade and leap into a horde of its own companions, resulting in a bloody (yet spectacular) display of fireworks.

Alice Dodridge

You Shall Not Have Him! Alice tore a Chainstalk apart with her bare hands when it tried to fuck with her man. She pulls out whatever is holding it together and dumps her mag into its pumpkin head.

One in the Chamber. Alice, with augmented aiming from Alanoch, managed a hit on an APC's gun so precise that it detonated the round inside it and killed the gunner and the commander riding inside.

Grenade Jumper. When the driver of an APC hurled a grenade at Tau's feet, Alice threw herself onto it, a move that would be suicide for someone not in a suit like hers. It hurt like a bitch still and she berated herself for it later.

Vance Harding

In Her Majesty's Secret Service: Vance Harding's body was reforged in the crucible that is the Hellfly Queen. He became a Hellfly Knight, commanding her armies in pursuit of expunging the human race.

Myrtle Rivers

Do Not Go Unto the Light When capturing an APC from PLA soldiers, a lone enemy soldier pulled a blade and charged Alanoch. Myrtle happened to be right next to him, kicking him in the gut, dislodging his shoulder and kicking him to the ground, before shooting a fleeing soldier in the back without missing a beat.


Pride and Predation After meeting Malacoda and discerning his origin through immense insight, Solomon set about taking advantage of The Serpent's nature by conducting a devious ritual. He summoned a piece of Malacoda's pure essence and tore it asunder, seeking to steal the power for himself but was foiled by Malacoda himself. The amused Serpent tested Solomon's worthiness of the prize by assaulting the warlock with immense pain. Not only did he withstand the test through the aid of potent magical wards, but in a surprise act of treachery, Solomon stole even more of Malacoda's essence. Solomon was deemed worthy and walked away from Malacoda - Lucifer himself - with a boon of the Snake's own power.

John Williamson

Smite me, oh mighty smiter! While trapped in an alternate reality with an invisible, all seeing and presumably all powerful entity that was attacking anyone who so much as moved, John stood on deck and called it out. Apparently it was too much of a wimp to attack him.

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