This is What Happened.

In July of 2011, everything in the world changed. Millions of people died in an instant, safe places became craters, and horrors were unleashed on the world. This is where the Convoy started. The ever evolving group travelled the globe, trying to find some way to survive, and some way to fix whatever had happened. In the end, they destroyed one of the largest threats to humanity, and that's where their story ends. Or at least, the parts we get to read.

After Action Reports

  • Part 1 - Where it all began. As things start going wrong, a group of Foundation employees escape their site and begin to eke out their survival in Australia. It's not long before they start picking up other survivors. Eventually they set their eyes on the Sydney port, hoping to get a boat off the continent.
  • Part 2 - After months of struggle in Australia, the Convoy has secured a ship and are making their way along the islands and ports, making stops to find survivors and supplies. Eventually, their boat is destroyed off the coast of China, and theyre forced to make their way to Shanghai, where a possible naval evac is.
  • Part 3 - When the Convoy finds themselves stranded in Russia, they have to get shit together quickly, as they make their way towards another port, and another possible boat ride to an evac. They stop by Japan and head through, picking up more people on the way. Finding a faster Way, they find themselves in Canada. Finally they decide to push into the U.S. to find more answers.
  • Part 4 - Finally on the trail of some solutions to the Daevite problem, the Convoy starts to carve a path through the United States. Along the way they gain many new allies, and help a few larger communities of survivors. In the end it looks like they have to head back to Canada if they want to finish this for good.
  • Part 5 - After getting the info they need, the Convoy decides to head across Canada, then down into New York state to destroy the Daevite book. On the way they are pursued by the creatures, hounded by other monsters, and revisited by old enemies. Finally they push through to the facility holding the book, and fight tooth and nail to destroy it. When their work is done, they can finally rest.


Those Who Survived
  • Atropa Belladonna - After meeting back up with the others in Utica, Atropa, Bou and Scott decided to find a place that they could fortify and sustain. Maybe a farm where the girls would grow a garden, and where they could take in more people and build a community.
  • Arnold Brooks - Out in the world somewhere being a well dressed nuisance, by means of duct tape and bullets and stuff.
  • Charlotte - After the destruction of the Daevite book, Charlotte eventually said her goodbyes to the Convoy and set out to find a new path in what was left of the world. Difficult as it was to leave behind the closest thing to a family she had ever known, Charlotte headed south, following the coast and never looking back. She joined a small community of survivors in Greenville, North Carolina, where she forged new relationships and started a family of her own.
  • Emma Dale - Looking for her sister again.
  • Scott Evans - Getting into gardening.
  • Agent L - Elle travelled with the rest of the group for some time, but found her life lacking, now that they didn't have something concrete to fight against. Settling down with a community didn't sit well with her either, so after a while, she left the group to join back up with the USMC and continue fighting the good fight.
  • Kyle Mercer - Still wrenching on his ride. Bound for Points West with Emma.
  • Ted Mikelson - Ted parted with the group soon after the last incident, and set off to find his fortunes in Utah. Some reports eventually drifted back to the group that he'd met up with some survivors in Salt Lake City, where they used his expertise in video technology to build a more connected society. Some reports said he died of thirst on a crackled, abandoned highway. The only thing they know for sure is that they never saw him again.
  • Myrtle Rivers - Myrtle took to disappearing for days at a time, but always reappeared when someone needed her. One time she just didn't reappear.
  • Vasuki - When Kyle and Emma decided to split from the others and head west, Sleeps decided to hitch a ride as far as Montana. There, he made the slow crawl back to Livingston, and to the mall full of children.
  • Susan - The banshee drifted away, with a new long term mission after the end. To recreate the theater and film industry, and finally be able to take the lead.
Those Who've Died
Those We've Lost
Those Who've Moved On


  • Bestiary - Various creatures encountered, killed and studied by the Convoy.
  • Character Themes - Music that players feel match their characters
  • Character Art - Art of characters, by characters, or both.
  • Achievements - Awesome and awful things done by characters.
  • Rusty - Oh god…
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