This is who's in charge.

If you have any questions or concerns, the people listed on this page are probably the ones to ask.


Admins are the last word in gameplay. They have the ability to approve/reject characters, settle squabbles between players, and review and overturn decisions made by GMs and other characters.

EchoFourDeltaEchoFourDelta Owner over in the RP chat channels
Maddy LMaddy L Mass archivist/chat log recorder and Echo's secretary.


GMs (Game Masters) are the scenario-givers and -runners in After Action. They are the guys who make stuff happen and assign XP, aspects, etc.


Other Staff

These are people who help a lot with aspects of the wiki, but aren't direct shapers of the RP itself. If you have an issue with the wiki, it's best to ask them.

DrKensDrKens Manages the wiki's CSS coding for the background and general appearance.

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