Battledome is the multidimensional battle arena that is linked to any and all canons - any characters are welcome to fight each other in combat or try their luck against more exotic opponents. Battledome takes place in the #afteractionmission channel, and can be done at any time assuming no GMs are using the room for actual RP purposes.

Battledome is used mainly to test out Powers and characters, to ensure they are kept fair in actual play; or simply for fun.

Battledome combatants are listed in their own respective section in the character list, and are capable of ignoring the standard PC creation rules, though please keep characters fair for their respective combat tier.

Scene Aspects that can be compelled or agreed upon for Battledome are, but are not limited to:

Battledome - The standard layout, Battledome is a large Roman style arena with stone bleachers, a large sandy floor, and two entrances on the bottom. A commentator's box hangs in the top level. Kick Dust into your opponent's eyes, or Rub Dirt in their wounds. Demand A Chair (or worse) from the crowd.

Forestdome - A leafy green forest hand grown by little Iyo on her off days. Set It Alight, if you want to make her cry. Or perhaps Hide in the Bushes, or Swing from Tree to Tree. Got some stealth and a gun? Set up a Sniping Attempt.

Bonedome - A graveyard kept by Shikoku and his mother. Raise the Dead with a shout, pick up some Long Forgotten Weapon, or Break Their Backs on a headstone.

Traindome: A simulated (?) moving 1930's era train cloaked in darkness and blood. Stand Clear of the Doors, launch a surprise attack from Beneath the Bar, or get really nasty and Push Their Faces into the Tracks. If you get up top, don't forget to duck…

Battledome Hall of Glory

Do something particularly awesome in battledome? Put up the logs here for later enjoyment.

Hop Dover vs. Chainshank

Battledome Combatants

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