This is what we've seen.

The Bestiary serves as an IC catalog of the things the group has encountered. If something is observed or killed, various checks can be performed that may reveal information about it. Relevant checks may include such things as Engineering checks for mechanical enemies, or Medical checks for an autopsy on a (formerly) living creature. The skill required and difficulty are subject to the GM. If the roll is successful, then the information will be listed here, and treated as available in-character to the individuals in community. Depending on the quality of the roll, an aspect may revealed for a given opponent that will apply any time they are encountered in the future.

Hell Wasp

First encountered deceased on 05/02/14 at the Ashburton morgue, and subsequently alive on 18/02/14 at the Wakanui Desalination Plant.

The creature dubbed by Sergeant Mitchell's group as the "hell wasp" is approximately two meters long, and covered in a dark, iridescent chitin. Its six limbs end in barbs, and a stinger protrudes nearly half a meter from the rear of its abdomen. Its head hosts two horizontally oriented pincers of some sort, that appear like they'd scissor against each other. The eyes, one on each side of its head, are a dull, lifeless-looking red. The mouth resembles a beak, much like some cephalopods. The wasp is capable of flight, and has two membranous wings attached to its thorax. The plating on the back of the creature has a flap so the wings, almost three meters long each, can fold and tuck away.
The main nerve center for the wasp is at the top of its abdomen, and this is likely the best place to aim when trying to kill one. However, the chitin is much thicker here to protect the weakness.
A member of Sergeant Mitchell's group was apparently attacked by the specimen, and has several parasitic organisms injected in him by way of specialized organs in the forelimbs of the wasp. Because of the victims paranatural healing abilities, and the quick actions of other group members removing the organisms, it seems no further damage was sustained, and what effect the parasites would have had on the man are unknown.

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