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The Bestiary serves as an IC catalog of the things Convoy has encountered. If something is observed or killed, various checks can be performed that may reveal information about it. Relevant checks may include such things as Engineering checks for mechanical enemies, or Medical checks for an autopsy on a (formerly) living creature. The skill required and difficulty are subject to the GM. If the roll is successful, then the information will be listed here, and treated as available in-character to the individuals in Convoy. Depending on the quality of the roll, an aspect may revealed for a given opponent that will apply any time they are encountered in the future.

Hellfly Grub

First encountered on 27/07/11 at Alice Springs General Hospital, Alice Springs, Australia. Grew inside Vance Harding's arm and was released when the arm was amputated.

The young hellfly is approximately two feet long, from the head to the tip of stinger. The stinger takes up a large percentage of its body mass. Its body is covered in fleshy, chitinous plates, which are tough to pierce. The stinger is very sharp and brittle, and the fly seems to be able to shoot the stinger. The bile from the bug seems to instill a mothering instinct in anyone who imbibes it or gets it in their blood stream.

Additional Information

Utterly fascinating, and totally terrifying. I hope we don't bump into any more. - Alice Dodridge

I don't know *where* this thing came from, but the fucker was *fast*. They go for the face, too, so watch your fire. Stinger's easy as hell to break off, so… break it off. - Jason Dodridge

Lachrymose Leeches

First encountered on 11/08/11 at the Port Augusta Docks, Australia, along with Thu'Baan. Thu'Baan explains they are from her home-world and are hunted for their poison and sometimes food.

The creatures, more akin to eels than leeches, are relatively small, but have rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. These teeth seem to line the entire insides of their bodies, forming a makeshift digestive system, relying on the teeth to masticate food, rather than using digestive enzymes. When dissected, there were many things found in the creatures gullet. They appear to have some rudimentary for of sensing sounds, leaping from the water when people gathered on land made enough noise.

Additional Information

Suggesting we check every pool of water for these things before going for a swim. - Alice Dodridge

Cephalopodic Curator

First encountered on 16/08/11 at Kings Aquarium, Broken Hill, Australia. Seemed to be maintaining the Shark Exhibits.

Physiologically, the creature seemed to be an unusually large, and unusually intelligent octopus. The body was easily the size of an SUV, with tentacles reaching approximately 3 metres. It had two eyes, located laterally, and a sharp beak hidden among its tendrils, as is normal for its smaller cousins.

Additional Information

I miss Doctopus. He was a nice guy. Might have been related to this asshole. - Dusty

The Unwanted

First encountered on 26/11/11 on a derelict diesel tanker, The Unwanted had killed the tanker's crew and attacked us when we arrived to examine the ship. It was destroyed after a lengthy conflict.

The Unwanted was a roughly human sized creature with six irregularly sized, hook-tipped appendages. It lacked any observable external sensory organs, and internally seemed to be composed of little but muscle and bone. Its claws were sharp and strong enough to easily cut through metal.

Additional Information

If we ever, EVER encounter this creature again, I'm a strong advocate for just getting the fuck out of dodge. I will not go through that again, with or without a mage. -Alice Dodridge

The Pingtan Woods Sprite

First encountered on 23/12/11 in the woods near Pingtan, China, when Artemis Harrow was tracking and hunting a stag. We entered an agreement with the creature to take care not to break her eggs, help defend her brood against other threats and leave the woods as soon as we could.

The Sprite stands at approximately 4'5, looks to be of Chinese decent. She has several extra limbs, including a structure similar to wings that she uses to spread spores and reproduce, and large hooked appendages she uses to move her prey. It seems she feeds on a diet of the liver of several mammals, humans may be included.

Additional Information

The forest woman seemed pleasant enough if you just stay our of her woods. However, the rate at which she seems to reproduce, and the general hostility of her species, I doubt humans will ever be able to coexist with them. This has unfortunate implications for the people of China, should humanity start to rebuild. - Alice Dodridge

We've got the GPS coordinates. All it needs is to be passed over to a targeting ledger for dedicated napalm strikes. Otherwise, the target's nature mandates the use of NBC-rated anti-contamination gear and, preferably, heavy weapons to terminate at range. - Jason Dodridge


First encountered on 11/01/12 in a Foundation facility in Pingtan, China, when The Convoy was clearing said site for supplies. Dr. Kensington had some history with the SCP and attempted to speak to it, to no avail, and it was terminated and it's body incinerated.

The Plague Doctor, as it was sometimes known, is a creature resembling a human in old plague doctor uniform, though Foundation files on the creature cite that this is actually its body, made of something akin to muscle tissue. It stood at approximately 6' and probably weighed approximately 200lbs. The creature was known for it's touch, which could kill a human in seconds, and it's obsession with curing humanity of a perceived pestilence. For more information, I've attached a copy of the file on SCP-049 found on the Pingtan facility's computer network.

Additional Information

Despite what Kens tried to pull, looks like this thing only had one thing on it's mind. It's unlikely there are more of him, but in the event there are, shoot first and ask questions later. There's no room on Earth for things like this, especially not now. -Alice Dodridge

Snow Lions

First encountered on 23/01/12 outside of Gaodong Paradise, China. One specimen seemed to distract Alice and Jason Dodridge, while two others attacked.

Snow lions, at first glance, are identical to Panthera uncia or snow leopards usually local to the region. However, they differ in that hey act much more like Panthera leo, the African lion. The three encountered where all female, worked together as a pack, and demonstrated higher intelligence than usual for snow leopards. They also made vocalizations usually impossible for their species. Dissection of the remaining specimen after the altercation found that there were internal changes, but nothing to suggest a mutation, or any cross breeding. Changes include reshaping of the larynx and vocal chords to something closer to a lion, increase in brain mass, and minor muscle gain.

Additional Information

Amazing creatures, and I can only hope their population can stabilize now that humanity isn't up in their business. So long as locals use caution, the snow lions aren't nearly smart enough to pose a threat to humanity and should just be left alone. - Alice Dodridge


First encountered on 31/01/12 outside of a 610 Observation Post. Mr. Williamson was attacked by the entity and almost killed. Gibson-610 was terminated, dissected then the body destroyed. Williamson was treated aggressively and immediately, for 610 infection, and is expected to survive.

Gibson-610, dressed in bloodstained BDUs, was a twisted abomination wrought in flesh, bone, and disturbingly, metal. Gibson's head was inflamed to several times its normal size; the left side is gone, blasted away by the exit wound of the slug clearly intended to end his life. The flesh had remade the exit wound into a second, circular maw, with tendrils of what may have been brain tissue. Gibson's left arm was remade into a large, bladed melee weapon, the muscle studded with glinting metal incorporated from the wreckage of an Osprey.

Additional Information

This is why we should never let anyone sit out like this on their own. If it can even sneak up and put the drop on John, it can certainly sneak up on you. Please, for the love of god, don't go off on your own. - Alice Dodridge


First encountered on 18/02/12 outside of Vadivostok, Russia. Several of the humanoid creatures attacked The Convoy, temprarily taking Myrtle Rivers captive and seriously injuring Lance Cole (Launce at the time, and Lancius immediately after the injury).

Daevites are humanoid creatures with pale skin, yellow eyes and white hair. They're unkempt, hair matted and greasy, and their breath is reported to be sulphurous. They seem to be mostly melee fighters, using blades of bone. Both Ms. Rivers and Agent Lament reported they they seem to be confused by modern weapons. Caution should still be taken, as their knives can cut through our strongest armour like it was paper and they possess the ability to teleport. The Deavites are not to be under estimated.

Their origin is tied directly to SCP-140. It's likely that during the event, there was enough bloodshed and confusion where the book is being held, that the Daevites are now in our timeline. Agent Troy Lament reported the the Daevites use human blood to strengthen themselves, and had kept him captive for some time, draining him periodically. Additionally, SCP-085 is able to sense when they are near by, and is used as an early warning system.

No Additional Information

I've tested the dagger we recovered from one of their attackers, and it cuts though my armour too easily. With their tendency to teleport, I don't thing we should try to fight these things, even at range. - Alice Dodridge

Insanely dangerous. The group we encountered was small. Very small. Maybe only a scouting party. After dealing with them, watching them from a distance, and then being forced to watch them much closer… Run. Just run. They will do anything and everything in their power to finish their book. And currently—they're doing a damn good job of it. -Troy Lament

Ta'xet, The Alpha Wolf

First encountered on 25/03/12 in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada. He was controlling the local wolf population, and attacking humans, driving the local tribe of Haida from their land. Brigadier General Alton Erdrich was attacked and killed by one of the pack. Jason, Finn, Myrtle and Zoe pursued the pack, and were able to kill Ta'xet in his den.

Ta'xet is said by the Haida to be the god of violent death. It seems The Event that caused the world we live in now effected the spirits in all sorts of ways. Ta'xet had the form of a monstrous wolf, approximately the size of a buffalo. Zoe and Finn reported his howl almost stopped time for them, and they felt like they were legitimately dying. His jaws were extremely strong, but was reported to have trouble manoeuvring his hulking form in the small cave. He was able to assume control of regular timber wolves, and used that to his advantage while originally being tracked by the group.

Additional Information


First encountered on 12/04/12 just outside of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. The creature was in the process of trying to capture Claudia Zann. The rest of The Convoy was able to kill it. Unfortunately, Zoe Chantili was effected by the encounter.

Anthropophagii are known for raising the souls of the recently dead and taking them away for unknown purposes, sometimes working in groups. This lone monster was quite intent on a singular, living target, so the question is raised if The Event changed them, or this monster was simply different from his brethren. They carry man catchers, and possess dark magic that can attack and manipulate the very souls of the creatures it attacks.

Additional Information

Malicious and hunting the corpses of dead warriors since Shakespeare's time, the anthropophagi are frightening visages, but usually passive. Why this one was attacking a living human (Miss Zann) is debatable, but is no longer an issue. - J

Dahlia Morningray

First encountered on 21/09/12 in Spokane, Washington, USA. Dahlia was acting mayor of the city, also using the residents as vessels for demons. The Convoy was asked by a creature going by "Tifa" to kill her and free the town. They did so, with only one civilian casualty.

Dahlia, in her new form, was extremely powerful, controlling not only the demons of the town, but the fires of some hellish plane. Even when her body was barely holding together, some demonic force propelled her forward to attack. Arnold was able to find her soulstone, and Zoe able to destroy it, finally putting an end to her terror.

Additional Information

I swear, she was a nice person back in the library. Didn't try to kill me and rip out my soul even once. - Zoe

Well she wasn't nice when I met her! Bitch ripped my shirt… -Styer

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