Blue Heaven

Excerpts from The Collected History of Blue Heaven - The Memoirs of John

Location: Bordeux, france
Date: I have no idea

Left. they just up and left us stranded here. Those cowards abandoned "their
people" as soon as the goings got hard. No matter, I'm still here, and unlike
them, I'm not tied to this place, or to some ideal of retaking a church I have
no stake in. Artemis' people are now "my people", not that many of them weren't
before. French, Belgian, a smattering of former churchies and even fewer former
US Servicemen, a hundred and sixteen total are what's left when they turned
tail and ran as soon as the tide of things started to turn against us. 

Their friend the dimension hopper almost made it through when I caught him and
ripped him back into this world, and the rat bastard is going to get us through
to somewhere safe. These are My People now, and I'll be damned if they're going
to stay in this dank mine when there's better out there.
Location: Presumed West Texas
Date: I don't know, feels like summer.

We're through. One hundred and sixteen plus myself, through to the other side,
into a proper environment, along with the last of our resources. God, let this
be enough to last us til we can get things going again. They're scared. Scared
that the church will follow them. Scared we'll die in the desert. Scared that
I'm going to string them all up from trees like how Artie would threaten I
would. Man was out of his depth. I just might be too.

Tomorrow we see if we can't get a well dug.
Location: Locust Camp, Texas
Date: Jump +10

Ran into our first raiding party since coming here. Looks like the Beacher boys
made it through the end of the world just fine. Well, until they tried shooting
up our camp. Crucified them along the dirt road that they were running. I Don't
think it saw much traffic, if any besides their own comings and goings. We've
still got the manpower to hold off most things we'd likely run into here, and
now we have at least a rough concept that there is some manner of habitation
here besides us. We'll digin here for now, and when we can spare the manpower
go investigate. As it stands we're going to be hard pressed to get the soil
conditioned for fall planting season.
Location: Locust Camp, Texas
Date: July 17(Jump +12)

Now we know the date, at least. Took a team up the road a ways and ran into a
larger ranch about thirty miles up the road, still populated. The folks on site
are fairly well dug in, and none too welcoming to strangers. The Beachers
probably learned to bypass them. We did find out the date, Today is July 17,
2012. There being some kind of established population here might've been a
welcome sight for Convoy, but not for three men in a pickup, and rather
unsettling for our little piece of heaven.
Location: Locust Camp, Blue Heaven
Date: July 18

Our little piece of heaven out here among blue sky country. Blue Heaven. Has a
nice ring to it.
Location: Returning to camp, Somewhere along the Interstate
Date: July 20

Took a team up the road past the ranch and eventually hit an interstate. We
have a rough idea of where we are now, and I've done some digging and we did
some more scouting and came across what appears to have been a National Guard
armory. Not much of use left, aside from another working well, some run down
trucks and armor that we got running again and some lighter heavy weapons to
repurpose for our own use. They may come in handy if the ranch gets desperate.
No food to speak of left, and what remains of the diesel has long since gelled.
We took what we wanted and burned the place to the ground behind us.
Location: Locust Camp, Blue Heaven
Date: August 7

Something hit our neighbors, and it turned their attitude towards us around
rapidly. They're describing them as looking like large, antlered rabbits, and
smart enough that they set the ranch on fire. Malicious buggers, but we haven't
seen any yet. Regardless, we now number one hundred and twenty. Would be one
twenty one but for the woman who passed from burns.In the morning we set out to
recover whatever we can from the ranch.
Location: McDonnell Ranch, Blue Heaven
Date: August 8

How the McDonnells got overrun is anyone's guess, based  on some of the
hardware they were sitting on. I'd wager that their skills didn't quite mtch up
with their weapons. In addition to their goats(about thirty head), they've
brought in their arms and ammunition, as well as three cases of assorted
blasting explosives and tools.

According to their leader, a former ranchhand named Fred, they've had other
problems as well that had them mostly tied up. Water rights issues with the
Beachers and Connellys down the other way. As I write this, we're digging in
to deal with whatever comes our way, Jackalopes or two legged vermin. When that
finishes we'll try and get their ranch back up and running. Fresh goods would
do morale a world of good right now among the people.
Location Locust Camp, Blue Heaven
Date: September 10

Under siege for past four days. Haven't slept. Fred's dead. Jackalope ate him.
Location: Blue Heaven Border
Date: September 14

Spent the past two days following breaking the siege establishing a clear and
obvious demarcation between what is "Ours" and what isn't yet. We lined the
road about ten miles out and sprinkled the surrounding area with the crucified
bodies of those who attacked us. A low fence has been run along some of the
border, where entry would be easier, and a sign. We've also started on
expanding an array of defenses built around the crippled armor and assorted
other heavy weapons we can bring to bear. 

The roadways in are smoothed and straightened and a six foot high berm on
either side established, with wedge protrusions for positioning armor in a hull
down position. The road berms will also be seeded with flame fougasse and
improvised claymores. Observation towers will be erected and a watch
established consisting of those who are not presently occupied with scavengine
parties or repairs.
Location: Locust Camp, Blue Haven
Date: September 21

A side effect of our continued presence here and our attempts at fortification
is that we now have what borders on a veritable town springing up. Locust Camp
has taken on the appearance of an arab fortified well. Surrounding, individual
households and like groups are establishing their own homesteads in their idle
time not that they look like much now. These are hardy folks, though, and
damn proud of what they're building here, give it a few months and then we'll
see what this place looks like! The mood here is optimistic for the first time
since before we made our jump, and it's infectious. We've made it through
our first attack since coming here, and weathered worse back in France, 
they're figuring that if we've made it this far, we can make it through 
whatever's next. And they just might be right.
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