This is how you fight.

The After Action roleplay utilizes the FUDGE Dice system for the purpose of checking a character's skill against a challenge or opponent. There are two types of difficulty rolls - opposed rolls and difficulty checks.

Opposed Rolls

Opposed rolls are used when two or more characters are engaged in combat or competition with each other. For instance, if Character A and Character B were in a sword fight, Character A would roll his Melee Weapons (Edged) skill and note the result. Character B then rolls his Physical Defense, and if the result is higher than A's Melee, he wins. If it's lower, he loses. The winner of an opposed roll typically RPs the action out. Opposed rolls are also used by Medicine to treat wounds.

Difficulty Checks

Difficulty checks are used when a character is using their skills against an inanimate object, or when they need to do something that would require a degree of focus. For instance, using Agility to climb a wall, or using Subterfuge (Tradecraft) to crack a computer's security. A DC (Difficulty Class) is assigned to an action by a GM, and any character that rolls their relevant skill above the DC passes it. It's up to the GM what happens after that.

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