This is how you get better.

Character Advancement is done in AA through a few factors - the most common of which is XP.


XP, or experience, is awarded at GM and Administrator discretion for good roleplay. It will not be awarded after every event, nor is its awarding dependent upon such things as kill count, but entirely based upon playing your character well.

XP may be expended to raise existing skills, or to train new ones, at the cost of 4 XP per point increase. However, please note that the Medicine, Science, and Engineering cannot be raised beyond three if a character did not possess at least three points in the skill at creation, and Paranormal Knowledge (Researched) requires a GOI background. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of a GM or Administrator, but please consider that colleges and other institutes of higher learning are few and far between following the apocalypse.

New Aspects may be purchased by characters, at the cost of 4 XP per Aspect. This requires GM approval. A character may only have a maximum of 5 Aspects.

Additionally, for every four XP gained by a character, their maximum number of Action Points is increased by one to a maximum of 8. XP are not expended to facilitate this increase. For this reason, it is recommended that players keep track of both their characters' total XP acquired, and the unspent XP they currently possess on their character sheets.

Skill Training

A character may be trained in a skill by another character with a higher rank in that specific skill. Experience Points may be granted to the 'apprentice' with regular lessons in the area of expertise being taught by the 'master'. The XP is rewarded at 1 point per week solely at GM discretion, and requires persistent roleplay. This XP reward can only be delegated to the specific skill that is being taught, and must be marked separately from regular XP with the skill they apply to. Points can be accumulated until the apprentice has raised his or her skill rank to a maximum of half the master's current rank in that skill, after which it will take longer periods of time between XP rewards. Spending a combination of standard and skill-specific XP to raise a skill is prohibited - one or the other must be used.

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