Player Name



SCP-3052 and SCP-3052-2


The girl and her protector


Be My Shield and Sword: SCP-3052-2 is a biologically modified 939 Alpha subconsciously controlled by SCP-3052, the former Tau Vriska. An assortment of armored plates, replacement tissue, and electronic movement aids designed to make 3052-2 functional again allow Tau to aid and (unknowingly) control her only friend.

For an Action Point, Tau may use utilize her Metallurgy to grant the 939 a maneuver in the same turn as its own action.


My Fondest Friend: The joining of SCP-3052-2 and SCP-3052 was a freak accident - lonely and bored, little Tau's metal seeking song reached slowly through the Site in which she was kept's foundations, looking for interesting things to bring back to her - eventually it brought back SCP-939-3, an amalgamation of metal and monster. Unable to satisfactorily separate the two, both of them were reclassified into the same SCP shortly thereafter. Tau named him 'Pazuzu', after a illustration in one of her books, and from there on they never left each other's sides.

Dead Drive Monster: 'Pazuzu', as it is known, is a 9 foot tall mass of red rage and flesh, only kept in check by the whims of little Tau. Thankfully, Tau herself is easily contained and kept pleased, having been raised since conscious thought by the Foundation.

Entwined by Chains: Tau unconsciously transmits her emotions and thoughts to her ally, a fact which sometimes causes it to pause and struggle with some dead part of it.


  • Magic (Metallurgy): 5 (Great)
  • Engineering (Mechanical): 2 (Fair)
  • Intimidation: 3 (Good)
  • Athletics: 4 (Great)
  • Perception: 3 (Good)
  • Melee Weapons: 5 (Superb)
  • Thrown Weapons: 3 (Good)
  • Physical Defense: 5 (Superb)
  • Mental Defense: 2 (Fair)
  • Body: 4 (Great)
  • Mind: 3 (Good)
  • Action Points: 5
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