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Luxomancer: Alanoch controls light, storing it, releasing it, moving it, and changing it. He can create visual illusions or even focus it to the point of becoming dangerous. While this is an innate ability, large scale or especially focused usage takes considerable effort and an Action point. When he overuses his power it can put him under considerable strain.


Visual: Alanoch is a strongly visual person, with extremely acute eyesight and an uncanny ability to determine things like color, brightness, speed, and distance. However, his other senses are not as pronounced, and he has trouble functioning without some form of vision.
Four White Walls: Due to his upbringing, Alanoch has a fear of things like confined spaces and being held captive or immobile, as well as a phobia of physical human contact.
Mind Over Matter: Living in containment hasn’t done much for his constitution. Alanoch becomes winded easily and won’t be performing any feats of great physical strength. He is, however, quite intelligent and well read, and very strong willed.

[T] Blood of the Sadist: Once, Alanoch may tap this Aspect to force a +++0 roll on a Luxomancy use.


  • Magic (Luxomancy): 5 (Superb)
  • Perception: 5 (Superb)
  • Stealth: 4 (Great)
  • Scholarship (Hard Sciences): 1 (Average)
  • Physical Defense: 3 (Good)
  • Mental Defense: 4 (Great)
  • Body: 3 (Good)
  • Mind: 3 (Good)
  • Action Points: 5
  • Load Limit: 3
  • XP Held: 3
  • XP Used: 8



  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Water bottle
  • Deck of cards
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Two Lighters
  • Flashlight
  • Tarot Cards - Given to Alanoch by an elderly magic user. She vanished after telling him to remember old Mother Gaea when he dies.
  • Ice Crane - From Bel. Does not melt.

Personal History

Alanoch’s powers first manifested when he was six years old. He’s spent his life since then in containment. Locked in a room with little company besides books and people who he hated, Alanoch has developed a rather negative view of the Foundation. But don’t expect him to tell you that. Alanoch sees the calamity that freed him as an opportunity. It’s a chance for him to be someone new, and when the rebuilding of the world gets underway, he wants to be sure that that ‘someone new’ is a very important man. He's exceedingly manipulative, though this is not necessarily with bad intentions.


Alanoch is 5'8", with brown hair and clear grey eyes. It's hard to tell how old he is, but he's definitely young, most likely somewhere in his teens.

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