The Turmoil of the Parāoa


Emotional Upheaval: When the lockdown continued far longer than it should have, the people began to get angry. Small protests began to rally, people cried out for change, but they were too angry to see where they would head next. At will, the Anger can use their Magic (Turmoil) vs. a target's Physical Defense, and on a success the target loses all Perception and Physical Defense for a turn. However, the target's Melee Weapons damage goes up by the amount of Physical Defense lost. Regardless of outcome, the Anger dissipates after the rolls are made.


  • Magic (Turmoil): 4 (Turmoil)


The Anger hardly look like Parāoa anymore, mostly a vague face with burning eyes and a mouth twisted into a horrible scream, and smoky tendrils flowing from its center.

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