Bad Luck


Bad Luck


Against Your Favour: Bad Luck is just that, and by it's nature can tilt odds against players' favour. For an Action Point, it can force a (-, -, -, 0) on a player's roll. At will and for no cost, it can cause small things that could be chalked up to "Bad Luck," such as a step coming loose and causing a fall, or touching something with an electric charge and getting a nasty shock.


Can't Kill a Concept: Bad Luck isn't really a person, or even a thing. It just is, and as such, you can't really kill it for good, only shoo it away until another time.
Universally Accepted: The idea of Luck in general is something that persists though just about every culture ever. This is, however, unfortunate for Luck, since just about every ritual for cleansing a place of the Bad variety effects it.


  • Action Points: 3
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