Player Name



Denham Jacques


Scopophobic Illusionist


Phantasm Puppeteer: Denham is capable of conjuring illusions, most often, and convincingly, people, but can with effort, and some time envelop one or more people in a 'scene'.


Veteran Ventriloquist: Denham will often employ his talents as a ventriloquist to enhance the believability of his illusions. Throwing his voice, realistically, and subtly controlling movement under observation, etc.
Scopophobia: Denham has a problem with people seeing his features, any and all of them, ever. As such, he excels at indirect means of interaction, and is feckless in a situation that requires the opposite. Knows his sneaking as well.
We're invited? Umm…: This is a serious concern for Denham. Getting him to do anything, at least knowingly, where he'll be expected is difficult.


  • Magic(Illusions): 4 (Great)
  • Medical: 2 (Fair)
  • Persuasion: 4 (Great)
  • Stealth: 4 (Good)
  • Physical Defense: 3 (Fair)
  • Mental Defense: 3 (Fair)
  • Body: 3 (Fair)
  • Mind: 3 (Fair)
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 3
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0


  • Talent: x (xxxx)
  • Talent: x (xxxx)
  • Talent: x (xxxx)
  • Talent: x (xxxx)


  • A long overcoat, and wide-brimmed hat, the perfect shade of gray-black for mixing in with the dark.
  • A near endless supply of cough drops, which he devours with alarming frequency.
  • Sewing kit.

Personal History

Denham was home-schooled all through his youth. He did all his lessons in his room, and interacted as little as possible with anyone, his family included. When it came time for college, he took all online classes. As he grew older, Denham learned better and better ways to remain unseen, until eventually, he learned what he considers the best way. He doesn't bother himself with learning how he does what he doe. He's just grateful he can. Denham lives in a small apartment, tucked away in an isolated corner of Wisconsin. At night, he works as a traffic conductor, without ever having to step foot onto the road. A small niche job, and he doesn't earn much, but he gets by. And no one wants to replace him, because of all the rumors about a strange figure seen skulking frequently in the shadows near where Denham works.



Tall. Very tall. Like 6'5" if you add his hat into it.

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