Heavy Utility General Expeditionary unit

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Heavy Utility General Expeditionary unit (H.U.G.E.)




Momentum: H.U.G.E. may only perform damaging attacks every other turn in combat. To compensate for this, his skill cap is seven and all successful attacks deal four damage.

Crowd Control: H.U.G.E. may spend an Action Point to target up to four adversaries with a single attack. If successful, each targeted adversary rolls 1d2. On a 1, the target takes two damage. On a 2, the target takes 2 damage and is unable to act for a turn.


Directives Received: H.U.G.E. is a machine guided by an AI that straddles the line between weak and strong. It is weak enough to unquestioningly execute its directives, and strong enough to recognize deceit and react intelligently to evolving tactical situations. It does not feel sympathy, remorse, or pity and it cannot be reasoned with, persuaded, or intimidated.
Force Restrictions Rescinded: H.U.G.E. was designed to respond to and neutralize a variety of threats and situations, including but not limited to riot control, fire support, tank busting, anti-air, NBC hotzone combat and cleanup, and ping-pong diplomacy. Its formidable arsenal of systems integrated into its body and modular design ensures it always has the right tool for the job. It is capable of damaging heavily Armored targets.
Armored: H.U.G.E. is equipped with multiple layers of iridium/tungsten/titanium disulfide composite sandwiching a layer of electrically insulating non-explosive reactive armor between them; the inner composite layer is electrically charged, thus further supplementing its formidable defensive capabilities with electric reactive armor. Anti-tank weapons or better are a must. H.U.G.E. is EMP hardened.


  • Medicine (Trauma): 3 (Good)
  • Engineering (Both): 3 (Good)
  • Survival (Both): 6 (Fantastic)
  • Vehicle Operation (Both): 4 (Great)
  • Strength: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Agility: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Perception: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Ranged Weapons (Internal): 7 (Legendary)
  • Melee Weapons (Internal): 6 (Fantastic)
  • Physical Defense (Armored): 5 (Superb)
  • Mental Defense: 7 (Legendary)
  • Body: 35
  • Mind: 25
  • Action Points: 7


All resources necessary for fulfillment of directives are installed directly. H.U.G.E. does not need to carry anything.

Personal History

G-14 Classified.


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