'Lens'. True name of Clarie Calvacanti


Phase 3 Type-Green


Enchantress: Capable of imbuing objects or people with extremely varied magical properties, benefits, or inflictions, and then activating these same things.


Spell Sniper: The distinctive nature of her eyes, solid electric blue, with brilliant golden irises is the result of a powerful enchantment she worked on herself. The drastic improvement this afforded her in sight has extended her range of vision to up 3km in any direction, and allows her to reliably work her magic from vast distances. This has left Lens with a tendency to be occasionally disoriented in close-range interaction, or combat.
21st Level Sorceress: Despite being among the most powerful mortal magi left on the world, Clarie is still very much only a human. At 48 years old, the effects of 'spindly sorceress syndrome' are becoming more apparent, along side the general difficulties an aging woman faces.
A Veil Of Restraint: Clarie loathes over-exerting her magic, or casting on the spot spells. She much prefers to work through focuses she's created throughout her life. Her most heavily used, and powerful such possession is the immaculate white veil she has wrapped around her right bicep. A sign that she has consigned her fate to the hands of the Dullahan, Cailleach. Her reasons for this are her own, but it doesn't seem to be something that bothers her. So long as she bears the veil Clarie is capable of many outstanding acts with only a minimal use of her own magic.


dorp, will come later


Being Moderately Wealthy: Magic provides a surprising number of opportunities for enterprise.


A Lot. Magical, and otherwise.

Personal History

A former denizen of the Wanderer's Library, and a somewhat passive member of the Serpent's Hand. A few adventures here or there, but she preferred to keep her head down, more often then not. The Library, while a fascinating place, was little more then a curiosity to Clarie. It's closing did not sever all her ties, and she has turned to her remaining contacts after, just as they have turned to her, to find a new purpose, and life. Most notably her old 'acquaintance' Cailleach. Lens has happily subscribed to the agenda of the Fae, and has a deeper understanding of it then she lets on.


Eyes as described above, short blonde hair that falls neatly around her ears in a dated, but endearing roaring twenties kind of style. Generally sports a comforting, very at ease smile, that implies not a lack of concern, but more that she's aware of things are going, and knows that it'll work out well enough.

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