Lilin Hassan

Player Name



"Lilin" Hassan


Reluctant assassin


Shadow Stalking: Lilin can meld with her shadow for a short period of time. For the cost of 2 AP, Lilin's body becomes invisible and intangible, removing her ability to make any sound, interact with the world, or attack. Lilin's shadow remains visible and can move, and she treats Stealth as two points higher.

Umbra Manifest: Alternatively, when in her corporeal form, Lilin can spend 1 AP to have her shadow interact with another shadow as though she were interacting with the object or person itself, noting that this applies to only her shadow, and not the shadows of her equipment. While when used against a person, this still acts as physical contact, she normally cannot use it to apply any sort of significant force, such as that required to deliver a blow or strangle. Other uses may be determined for a flexible, GM-determined AP cost.


Stay Frosty: Lilin's aim is faultless when she has the chance to line up her shot out of the line of fire. Conversely, getting caught in an enemy's sights leaves her unable to do much but get to a nice spot where she can line up between their eyes.
It's Instinct: Lilin's hiding skills are top notch, and they've been perfected from years of giving into the urge to just hide from trouble until its back is to her knife. This isn't always a good thing, and can lead to her bailing in extreme situations.
Surgical Strike: Melee weapons being an essential part of the assassin's trade, Lilin's knife kills are true works of art. However, she won't even attempt them unless she can get the drop on the target, figuratively or literally.


  • Strength: 2 (Fair)
  • Agility: 4 (Great)
  • Perception: 3 (Good)
  • Subterfuge (Fieldcraft): 4 (Great)
  • Ranged Weapons (Sniper Rifles): 4 (Great)
  • Ranged Weapons (Submachine Guns): 4 (Great)
  • Ranged Weapons (Pistols): 4 (Great)
  • Ranged Weapons (Bows): 4 (Great)
  • Melee Weapons (Edged): 3 (Good)
  • Melee Weapons (Unarmed): 3 (Good)
  • Physical Defense: 2 (Fair)
  • Mental Defense: 2 (Fair)
  • Body: 7
  • Mind: 2
  • Action Points: 3
  • XP Held: 2
  • XP Used: 0


  • Language: Hebrew
  • Singing: 5 (Superb)
  • Cooking: 1 (Average)
  • Music Theory: 1 (Average)
  • Patience: 4 (Great)


Personal History

Lilin, or so she calls herself, was born into a mixed Israeli/British family in London. She picked up archery and martial arts at an early age as pastimes, then hobbies, then obsessions. As time wore on, Lilin began to feel quite different from her friends, who had more ordinary interests. She was further distanced when her paranormal powers sprung up at the age of sixteen. Her unique capabilities were kept well-hidden from her parents and what few friends she had, but rumors sprung up nonetheless.

At around age 17, the family fell on hard economic times. Lilin took on a number of part-time jobs, even dropping out of high school, to support her family, but to little avail. She was invariably fired for some sort of reason, whether it was being inept or simply being late on several days. Her skill set, after some time, led to her seeking employment as an assassin. She began working minor jobs for gangs and small business, but eventually for corporations and even a government agency. She kept her vocation hidden from her parents, who often questioned where the money came from, never receiving an answer.

Such skills would prove useful in the days to come.


Lilin stands at an even six feet with a slender figure. She takes after her father, and as such has a very middle eastern appearance, with long black hair and green eyes. She declines to state her age or birthday, but looks to be about 20.

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