Madhavi Singh

Player Name



Mahdavi Singh


HM2 formerly tasked with providing aid to survivors, and military personnel.


Incisive Methodology: Being stuck with more corpses that patients has led Madhavi to adapt both her medical and paranormal knowledge to study strange creatures, alive or dead. For an Action Point, she can combine her Medicine skill and her Paranormal Knowledge skill to dissect an anomalous or paranormal being, and gain helpful insight on it. For two Action points, she may vivisect an anomalous or paranormal being.

Conversely, she can combine the aforementioned skills at no cost to heal an anomalous or paranormal being.


Beyond First Aid: Anything an Emergency Room doctor can do, a Corpsman can do while be shot at, blown up, or flying through the air in the back of a helicopter. Whether stitching up a wound, performing a field amputation, or poking a hole in someone's chest so they can breathe, HM2 Singh can work under pressure to keep her allies alive.
FMF Certified: Many Corpsmen stay "blue-side," attached to Navy commands and ship. The ones who go "green-side" and attach to Marine Corps units adopt Marine regs and standards in marksmanship and physical fitness, qualifying them to serve alongside forward-deployed combat personnel in the Fleet Marine Force. Singh is one of these, trained to run to the fight and kill the opposition like those around her.
Strange Organs: Having been elbow deep in viscera of things not of this Earth more times she'd care to remember, little phases Mahdavi any more.


  • Strength: 3 (Good)
  • Perception: 4 (Great)
  • Medicine (Trauma): 4 (Great)
  • Paranormal Knowledge (Researched): 1 (Average)
  • Ranged Weapons (Machine Guns): 4 (Great)
  • Ranged Weapons (Assault Rifles): 4 (Great)
  • Ranged Weapons (Shotguns): 4 (Great)
  • Ranged Weapons (Pistols): 4 (Great)
  • Melee Weapons (Edged): 1 (Average)
  • Melee Weapons (Unarmed): 1 (Average)
  • Physical Defense: 3 (Good)
  • Mental Defense: 3 (Good)
  • Body: 8
  • Mind: 3


  • Language: (Punjabi)

Personal History

After reaching Camp Lejeune, she was detached from the FET element and put into a combined medical support unit, which was split up and tasked out to scientists and biological warfare specialists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. She fell into a role of securing samples from victims of the New Plague, treating routine injuries, and providing terminal care and decontamination of infected civilians and military personnel.

Things were going smoothly enough for her particular detachment, even as the world around them progressively swung through various levels of Hell in its handbasket. The Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Team flying them around oversaw recovery, quarantine, and transport of several infected individuals, back when there was a hope for an easy cure. All this changed quickly. As things heat up, both people and machines get tired and worn, and things can break in the worst possible way at the worst possible moment. For Singh and her team, this came in the form of an electrical technician failing to properly secure a power relay inside the starboard tiltrotor. One half-completed operation and one bad crash after a forced landing in the middle of a quarantine zone later, six out of twenty-two people on the aircraft were still in walking condition. Gunfire from survivalists blaming the military for the New Plague claimed one, and "survivors" of the New Plague claimed three more. After a few days of running back toward friendly lines in a hastily-commandeered pickup truck, another bad run of luck saw its engine shot out by another gun nut, stranding Hospital Corpsman Second Class Singh and Corporal Mitchell just short of a survivor camp. A ten-minute gun battle consumed the last of the spare supplies they had stashed in the pickup, and they started on their way with what they had left on their backs.


Madhavi is a fairly soft spoken woman most of the time, and genuinely cares about the welfare of others. Right until people start shooting at, or trying to bite her close friends. If there ever was an example of Mama Cat syndrome, she is it. The most important thing in her mind is keeping civilians and their protectors healthy and safe. With the idea of humanity bouncing back feeling like a far of goal, she lives in the present moment, knowing things could go to shit at any moment.

Physically, Singh has to be a little on the stronger side for moving patients, supplies or bodies. Being of Irish decent has made her skin a little sensitive to the sun, and this has only been compounded by the fact that she spends a great deal of time in her chemical gear. When not with a familiar group of people, she's also taken to hiding her gender, though this isn't hard with all the gear she wears. She grew up in a Hindu home, and though she doesn't follow the faith herself, she grew up not eating cow products, and still doesn't when she can avoid it.

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