Marty Beller

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Character Name

Marty Beller


Dude what can control old robots with his brains


The Cogmaster: After being experimented on by mad scientists, Marty gained the ability to innately control mechanical machinery, by power of will. Spending 1 AP to grants a +3 bonus to Science, Engineering, and Vehicle Operation.


Spinning Yarns: Marty has a great gabbing ability, and can talk his way out of many situations. He also likes to embellish a lot when he tells other people his stories, to see if he can get a rise out of them, or just see how good their bullshit detectors are.
Science, Bitch!: While not a scientist himself, Marty spent a lot of time with scientists, enough to get a general idea of how lab procedures in a mad scientists lair would go. He also has several old injuries from his creation that act up from time to time.
Not a Rocket Scientist: Expert at manipulating technology used while he was still an engineer, not so good at stuff from the digital age. He's more of an analog boy.


  • Magic: x (xxxx)
  • Persuasion: x (xxxx)
  • Intimidation: x (xxxx)
  • Bluff: x (xxxx)
  • Strength: x (xxxx)
  • Agility: x (xxxx)
  • Perception: x (xxxx)
  • Medicine: x (xxxx)
  • Science: x (xxxx)
  • Paranormal Knowledge: x (xxxx)
  • Engineering: x (xxxx)
  • Survival: x (xxxx)
  • Subterfuge: x (xxxx)
  • Vehicle Operation x (xxxx)
  • Ranged Weapons: x (xxxx)
  • Melee Weapons: x (xxxx)
  • Physical Defense: x (xxxx)
  • Mental Defense: x (xxxx)
  • Body: 5+PDef
  • Mind: x
  • Action Points: 3
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0


  • Talent: x (xxxx)
  • Talent: x (xxxx)
  • Talent: x (xxxx)
  • Talent: x (xxxx)

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Personal History

Going to expand on it later but here's the gist: Grew up in the keys, was experimented on by some mad scientists which gave him his power, was imprisoned for a helluva long time, until they let him go as the world went to hell. He'd probably have hidden for a long time after that.


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