The Helplessness of the Parāoa


Emotional Upheaval: During the lockdown that lead to their city's destruction, the people felt helpless and sorrowful. They longed to change things, but didn't think they could. At will, the Sorrow can us their Magic (Helpless) vs a target's Mental Defense, and on a success causes the target to lose a turn and take a -2 to Physical Defense for the next roll. These effects do not stack. If the target suffers a critical fail, they take a -1 to all other skills for the next two rolls. Regardless of outcome, the Sorrow dissipates after the rolls are made.


  • Magic (Helpless): 4 (Great)


The Sorrow resemble the Parāoa, though made of what looks to be steam. Every sorrow is missing their arms, and cry deeply as they approach.

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