The Cinder Trap

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The Cinder Trap


Hyper-destructive demonic art sculpture and chaintype tribute


Conflagration: The Cinder Trap contains an ever-hot fire in its body: an unnatural furnace capable of reaching unthinkably hot temperatures over time, which it happily inflicts upon its environment in the form of a nigh-unstoppable inferno. For an Action Point, the Cinder Trap can forsake any actions on its turn and a point each of Body and Physical Defense to intensify the flame in its body, rolling its Immolation skill as a Maneuver for its next Immolation roll. If used multiple times in succession, the Maneuver bonuses stack until the Cinder Trap is out of AP, and must use its compiled bonuses to attack with its Immolation skill. This intense fire attack does 1 point of Body damage for every 2 steps the Immolation attack roll is higher than the target's Physical Defense.


Indelicate Construct: The Cinder Trap is a large animate golem made of steel mesh that's been packed with glass, bones, and bricks. As such, its body is difficult to harm with certain kinds of damage and can be repaired with mere handy work. However it is rather large and bulky and, while structurally powerful, isn't capable of swift or complicated motion. Psychologically, the Cinder Trap is an unpredictable personality with obscure motives and designs, making it immensely difficult to understand or reason with, let alone intimidate.
Her Heart, The Furnace: The Cinder Trap's hollow chest still contains its maker's charred rib cage, now coated with layers and layers of melted glass. At its heart, an ever-burning kiln of savage fire. The Cinder Trap was born in flames and lives by flames. It avoids rain when it can (although is capable of weathering it), and is especially distraught by sources of substantial cold. This Aspect can be compelled to nullify the Cinder Trap's power in progress if it encounters a sufficiently cold source.
Rupert's Tears: Despite being extremely physically durable, the Cinder Trap houses one well-protected weakness…


  • Immolation: 5 (Superb)
  • Athletics (Strength): 4 (Great)
  • Perception: 2 (Fair)
  • Melee Weapons: 4 (Great)
  • Thrown Weapons (Special): 3 (Good)
  • Physical Defense: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Mental Defense: 3 (Good)
  • Body: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Mind: 1 (Average)
  • Action Points: 3


  • Musicology: 2 (Fair)
  • Art (Hard Crafts): 2 (Fair)
  • Glassworking: 3 (Good)


Part of a human skeleton, and a couple of pipes.

Personal History

In the late 90's and early 2000's, Margaret Young was an underground performance artist in San Diego, California. She was a darkly eccentric woman, indelicate, mercurial and unpredictable, bored with life and sated only by the wild, the reckless, or the frightening. Young was a chaotic force of personality, impossible to understand, control, or please. She became quietly famous in the city's night community for her live performance pieces centered around taboo subjects that typically involved acts of self-mutilation, sadism, sexual exhibition, drug-use, and various other displays designed to shock or disgust. Some of her more well-known performances include titles such as Chaste Abortion, Clinical Staff Infection, Orphanhouse Whore, Angel Love Fleshcapades, Juicy Midnight Suicide, and Pussy Blood Martini.

Years of being an unstable cunt under the spotlight for hundreds of people to see eventually brought Young, at the tender age of 24, to plan her most stunning, shocking performance to date. On a solemn October night of 2003, Young crafted a hollow, body-shaped frame made of wire-mesh steel and, in the basement of glass storage warehouse, performed on stage for darkly curious patrons. In a spellbinding and somewhat confusing display, the artist stripped of her clothes and glued things like photographs, flower blossoms, pieces of mosaic glass, and her own pinkie finger (which had been removed during a previous demonstration), to her own body. She then wrapped her torso and limbs in great lengths of thin chain while soaking herself with fluid from a bucket that read Promised Prostitution in red paint. With some assistance, Young bound herself within the wire mesh frame and ignited the volatile fumes from her body with a lighter clutched in her hand. A beautiful and uplifting, albeit extremely out-of-place, piano song played for the horrified audience as the artist was immolated; the lovely song pierced through with ugly, agonizing screams as Young was burned alive. The roaring pyre grew quickly out of control in the crowded basement and panic ensued. Four died in the chaos by crushing, smoke inhalation, or the intense flames and more were injured. The warehouse basement collapsed and with it, a portion of the warehouse's ground floor. Margaret Young and her artistic expression were buried amid the debris and glass.

Born of chaos and fear and wanton and apathy, the smoldering cage housing her blackened bones crawled forth from its scorched tomb, shattered the now-cooled glass that had flowed down its body when the inferno ate through the warehouse floor. That hollow, steely prison: warped and twisted, first looked upon the dark of night not through her scoured orbs but with glass-shard eyes, chest – her chest! Her glassy-coated cage of bone coiled with charred chain binding – roaring with the infernal tempest of her once-heart; howling an eerie, lustful moan from a fiery cyclone of a throat. It stalked from the wreckage, that beast of steel, glass, brick, and fire, out of city, and it cursed the land with its touch of combustion.

The wildfires that ensued were the largest in California history, burning more than 80,000 acres over four counties and destroying thousands of homes. The furnace golem wanders the land, devouring beauty with destruction – Young's dying expression.

Her ashen, steel-and-dust coffin… The Cinder Trap.


It is a hulking frame, humanoid in shape and varying in dimension depending on its currently preferred shape and the contents of its body. It stands in height typically between 6 and 7 feet. The body consists of multiple layers of sheets of steel wire mesh, roughly man-shaped, that's blackened with constant heat and dotted with sections of broken glass where the stuff melted around the frame, cooled, and was broken again with movement. The hollow body cavity is packed with debris, mostly with broken glass mixed with a lesser amount of old brick pieces, rocks, and charred bones, all to a greater extent in its extremities.

The left arm is bulging with glass shards jutting out from the wiry carapace, while the right arm is capped with a stalactite-like mound of hardened glass encasing a length jagged-tipped galvanized pipe extending from its 'hand' like a spear. The right 'foot' is similarly capped with large, roundish globe of hardened glass that causes an awkward rolling limp. The left leg is shorter in wire shell, but has been compensated for in length by the addition of a bent, U-shaped prosthetic foot in the form of a long, iron pipe attached to the leg again by hardened glass.

Visible in the center of the torso, under the debris cluttering the body, is a human thoracic cage, shiny and black with a smooth coating of long-melted glass. Within it seems to be the source of the bright fiery glow emanating from the golem. Funneling up from the rib cage like a spine is a white-hot whirling cyclone of fire which is capable of forcing air into vocal, if imperfect and rather unsettling, speech. The wire cage head contains a human skull within the deposits of mineral, also black and glossy with many layers of tempered glass; its jaw hanging open limply. On the surface of the metal mesh face rests two eyes of long, pointed shards of glass, blackened with soot. They move with an unnerving sentience.

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