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Pan-Dimentional Species


Living in the Multiverse: "Tifa's" species exists uniformly across all possible universes, and can move effortlessly between them. Her form of "magic" is simply her moving to a universe where what she wants is possible, and fact.


Big and Red: "Tifa" is far from looking ordinary, and her large stature, and strange pigmentation can unsettle people.
Lazy as Sin: Despite being very powerful, even for her species, "Tifa" is horribly lazy, much happier to pay someone else to do something for her.
Obscure Collector: "Tifa's" species is known for being collectors of interesting things from the different universes they encounter. She will go out of her way to get her hands on neat things that catch her eye.


  • "Magic"(Pan-Dimensional Shifting): ∞ (Infinite)
  • Paranormal Knowledge (Occult): 6 (Fantastic)
  • Strength: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Melee Weapons (Unarmed): 6 (Fantastic)


  • Oddities & Antique Shop

Personal History

"Tifa" is a member of a species that exists all across every possible universe at the same time. They keep their origin secret, only teach it to their children. They're an extremely long lived species, living sometimes for tens of thousands of years. In their lifespans, they'll take many names in many tongues, keeping their true names only for family and very close friends.
"Tifa" settled into this particular universe sometime after the second world war, finding that it was best for finding things to collect, and fairly easy to hide in. When The Event happened, she did her best to help people in her new home of Spokane, Washington, while slowly letting them know her true form. When Dahlia Morningray took over the town, she waited for someone with the skill to remove her. Now she's back in the position of rebuilding society.


"Tifa" is about 6'4 hoof to horn-tip, 7' when she straightens her legs fully. Her skin is a dark, rusty red, and is leathery and slightly rough. She has legs much like a goats, with shaggy fur growing from the knee down, feathering over her cloven hooves. She has large horns sprouting from her forehead, curled back slightly. Her hair is dark aubergine, as are her eyes, which have oblong, horizontal pupils. She has three lines branded under her left eye, and a pair of interlocking gears on the right side of her neck.

"Tifa" is an enchanter, and can put effects on weapons. The cost of a weapon that adds dice is the same XP cost as levelling up a skill. Other effects can be negotiated for a smaller cost. Enchantments that only had an RP effect can be bought for items "Tifa" finds interesting or useful.

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