Tolstoy Blanco

Player Name

El Blanco


Tolstoy Blanco


The Greatest and Most Legendary Hero to Ever Live. Ever. You know Gilgamesh? Fuck 'em.


Deification: The blood of gods runs through Tolstoy's veins, but not because he was born from them. No. Because he took it from them. Tolstoy can expend an action point to add +4 to any skill. Opponents can respond by expending all of their action points to suspend this effect for one round, but not cancel it. Since they'll be running away.


Amazing: Tolstoy is incredible to observe. People observing him are often known to become more and more manly, just by looking. Woman, though, become weaker and more frail, except their uteruses, so they can receive Tolstoy's seed properly.
Super: Tolstoy can do everything, and he can normally do it better than you. Being super will do that. Hell, GMs? You can tag this one to give him a negative. Because everyone around him will be clamoring just to touch him, it'll probably slowly him down some. Not much, though.
Great: Even the bad things about Tolstoy are awesome. Did you know he once fucked a cow? Yeah. To save a bus full of orphans.


  • Magic: -5 (Magic is for Pussies. Tolstoy disbelieves it entirely.)
  • (Mental skills are also for pussies. Fuck roleplaying. Tolstoy Blanco is made of death.)
  • Athletics: 7 (Legendary) (The physique of Tolstoy Blanco has been known to impregnate women from a distance)
  • Perception: 8 (Epic) (Nothing escapes his eye.)
  • Stealth: -4 (Worthless) (Tolstoy Blanco hides from neither man nor god.)
  • Survival: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Ranged Weapons: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Melee Weapons: 7 (Legendary)
  • Thrown Weapons: 5 (Superb)
  • Physical Defense: 7 (Your pathetic weapons cannot harm the body of El Blanco)
  • Mental Defense: 7 (You pathetic thoughts cannot harm the mind of El Blanco)
  • Body: 8 (Epic)
  • Mind: 6 (Fantastic)
  • Action Points: 4 (Tolstoy Blanco always has one more than anyone else).
  • Load Limit: 15


Clothes, various combat uniforms, specialized shooting gloves, orange-colored shooting glasses, combat boots, firearm care kit. Tolstoy makes and uses only his own ammunition, which he keeps in a Foundry room near his underground base of operations. He uses an alloy of his own devising. Additionally, for more specific items:

  • Custom Jericho 941, holds 15+1 .41 Action Express cartridges
  • Combat Knife
  • SCP-143 Bladewood Knife Sword
  • High-quality flashlight Tolstoy can see in the dark.
  • Various firearm accessories, including high-powered scopes, extended magazines, and sound suppressors.

Personal History

Tolstoy Blanco joined the Russian Military right after he finished his education. He would have joined earlier, but they refused to take anyone under the age of fourteen, so he waited. The son of Mexican immigrants (who crossed the border into Russian when he was still in the womb, resulting in his mixed heritage), he wasn't accepted by his peers at first, but soon, they saw his brilliance. He spent eight years in Russian Special Forces, in which he completed elite sniper training, and eventually moved on to work for various private military companies (Including the Chaos Insurgency).

He worked seven years for [REDACTED] task forces specializing in Unconventional Warfare, including Direct Action, counter-terrorism, counter-insurgency, and guerrilla and anti-guerrilla warfare. This was when he had his first encounter with the Foundation, where he completely wiped out MTF-Omega-7, when Able was on his period and didn't show up to fight. During the time in his life where he was not in action, or teaching others to totally destroy their foes, Tolstoy trained under the world's leading martial artists, including Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and that skinny guy from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's funny because his name is, like, fat or something, but he's skinny. During his last assignment for Greywater International, Tolstory’s team was hired by a private contractor for [REDACTED] resulted in ██ deaths. He was the only survivor on either side. The Foundation knew when they had a good thing going and hired him to lead his own task force, MTF-Omega-8, which was held in reserve for when Able failed.


You don't have to approve me, GMs. I already approved myself.

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