Tom L'Amour

Player Name



Tom L'Amour


Speechy Keen Sniper


Master Manipulator: Tom is very good at reading people and getting them to do what his plans call for, often without them noticing his manipulation. He may expend an action point to gain plus 2 to his Persuasion (any) skill or plus 3 to Perception of an individual's emotions, motivations, or anything else.


Dance Fucker Dance: Despite only having a few years of military experience, Tom is an incredible shot with a rifle, provided he has time to properly situate himself.
Preservationist: Tom is sure that civilization (America) will rebound perfectly fine, however he is very concerned with information being lost in the dark interim. As such, he is continually looking for and saving any sort of technical or historical information that he can, going to great lengths to protect what he can't keep with him.
Guile Charmer: A Lawyer has to know how to talk to people, and Tom is a pretty darn good lawyer, adept at making people feel comfortable with him as well as sharing their secrets. He's in his element in social situations.


  • Culture: 1 (Latin/American Legal)
  • Persuasion: 4
  • Athletics: 1
  • Perception: 3 **
  • Stealth:** 1
  • Survival: **2 **
  • Ranged Weapons: **4 **
  • Physical Defense: 2 **
  • Mental Defense:** **2 **
  • Body: 2 **
  • Mind:** **2 **
  • Action Points: 3
  • Load Limit: 3
  • XP Held: 0
  • XP Used: 0


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  • Remington 700(.308) equipped with bipod and telescopic sight.
  • M1911
  • Grand National (Muscle Car)
  • A well supplied set of rooms in an otherwise empty building including
  • About 200 cartons of cigarettes, of various brands
  • 10 hundred gallon coolers
  • A room filled with books, mostly histories and science books as well as printed sheets
  • Various computer equipment, including generators, antennas, and printers

Personal History

Tom enlisted in the US Army out of High School, mostly for the college money. He was a decent enough soldier except at shooting, which he was excellent at. He didn't care for it much, and got out after four years. After the Army, L'Amour put himself through law school, and started his own practice a few years after that. He was on vacation in [location] when the event happened, and with most of the population displaced or dead, he set himself up well pretty quickly. Fearing a loss of information with the end of the world, L'Amour liberated every book he deemed useful and did his best to start to save and print whatever he deemed especially important online. Besides the loftier preservation of the past, he also grabbed himself the nicest American car he could find and every carton of cigarettes he saw, figuring that they'd be useful to trade.


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