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General logs of IC D&D games. Once we have more than on campaign going, they'll be organized in collapsibles by campaign. Please keep them in chronological order by start date.

Three Sisters War: Part I
After almost a century of shaky relations, a small noble family of Drow have expressed interest in forming an alliance with the Kingdom of Dunedin. The King sends for a group of adventurers to acompany his diplomat to the meeting spot set out by the Drow Matriarch. The group meets some resistance in the form of giant cave spiders, but do eventually make it to Matriarch Deliantha. She orders her cleric to see to the party's wounds, and explains the situation. The large group her family belongs to plan to attack Dunedin, and she, and many of her lineage don't agree with the plan. She offers battle plans in exchange for safe haven in the caves near the city, and protection from the royal guard. Before the group can leave, the cleric proves a traitor and gravely wounds the diplomat, using her blood to bring in two more Drow. One identifies herself as Delaninder, one of the Matriarch's daughters. She kills her mother, planning to take the battle plans back. However the party destroys her and her two helpers, taking the injured diplomat and the battle plans back to the king. They are paid and knighted for their work, and given quarters at the castle. However, the King says he will have more work for them soon.

Three Sisters War: Part II
The next morning, King Irons calls the group back to his throne room. He tells them that a revolutionary group, known as The State, has contacted him and wish to liaise with the kingdom. However, they need a place where they can safely do their work. A little further off from the walls of the city, there's a large cave, the Frogmouth Cavern, that is hidden enough if you don't know where it is. The King says it's likely already inhabited by creatures, and because of the sensitive nature of the quest, he cannot send his guards. Taking the money from their last trip out, the group heads to town market to get some new gear. After they have everything they need they head out to the cave. In the darkness, Chandler senses something evil, and they get ready for a fight.
As they get to a small river with a bridge over it, they can hear five creatures shuffling around. As they round the corner there are several kuo-toa, armed and ready to defend their cave. Armok is clever enough to take out their cleric post haste, and the rest of the fight is bloody, but eventually they stand victorious. They fire off a flare, calling The State to the cave and let them settle in. They head back to Dunedin, getting their pay and looking through the loot they got. One weapon stands out as marked by the local weaponsmith. Armok takes it to her, finding that it was made for her friend who has been missing for a while. She's sad over the apparent loss of of her good friend, but is happy to know what happened, and lets the half-orc keep the weapon.

Three Sisters War: Part III
Having a little time to kill while the King plans the next move, the party decides they should investigate what happened to Ben'Jun, the friend of the weaponsmith, Pella. First, they go to a pawn shop to ask if they've seen a minotaur's sigil that belonged to her. Talwyn and her dog must stay outside, and there they witness a curious mixed race child stealing from a noble. They decide to follower her as Armok and Chandler question the pawn shop's owner. The two men question the gnome and find out that he has one shady supplier, who sometimes is seen hanging around the Floodwards, know for its crime and crippling poverty. Meanwhile, Talwyn and Lokir have tracked the street urchin to an abandoned home in the Floodwards. When she enters, she's ambushed and almost knocked out. Since the fight started, Armok and Chandler have head out to find her, and track the paw prints and bits of fluff left behind. They arrive just in time to see Talwyn get knocked out, and quickly take care of the attacker. Searching his body, they find that he is the shady character the gnome at the pawn shop mentioned and he has a map to a possible camp. Armok speaks to the child, finding that she stole for the man to get food, and seems less than shocked his life ended in such a way. They take her back to the castle with them for the night, planning to head out the next morning.
After leaving the child, Flint, with Pella for the day, they head out into the wilderness to where the map shows. When they get there, they're ambushed by three bandits. It doesn't take long to fight them, and the halfling leader of the group is killed. At the camp, they find several fine warhorses, and a strange, blind cleric of mixed heritage. The cleric introduces herself as Ben'Jun, the one they were sent to find. She explains that she was blinded by the bandits' wizard and would have been killed. However, Ohgma came to her and promised that if she became his follower, he would save her. Taking the horses, any trinkets and gold, the captive bandits, and the corpse of their leader, the party head back to town. The guard rewards the group for ridding them of a thorn in their side, and Ben'Jun heads to give Pella the good news.

Three Sisters War: Part IV
Three weeks after the group saved Ben'Jun, the intrepid group (minus Sparrow) has returned to King Ironside's throne room. He explains that while they couldn't decipher the scrolls they had found before, they know who it was from. Delmithra, youngest of the three sisters, is a fierce cleric, and the King explains that she's a foe to be reckoned with. The State, having been notified of this, has made themselves scarce from Frogmouth cave, and the King asks that the group returns there. He hope that Delmithra will be visiting the cave soon to check up on the kuo-toa they've already dispatched. He further explains that Dunedin isn't ready for the war this is no doubt coming, and if they can kill or capture the youngest sister, it will stay Deliantha the Younger's hand from acting. He also introduces Initiate Alek, and young elvish druid, who can take the place of Sparrow in their team. After a quick shopping trip, they head out to the cave, and Chandler already senses evil within. They head in at first, but when they realize there are four targets, they back out and get ready to ambush. Soon, Delmithra, a stout young drow, and three skeletons come into view. Many are damaged in the surprise attack, and the battle that ensues sees the cleric gravely wounded. They tie her up, and Chandler heals her wounds. She's ready to be tortured and killed, but the group gives her no such satisfaction, and return her to the city for the guard to deal with.

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