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In-character threads from Act I of After Action.
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A sheaf of blank papers is found in the mess. It comes with the instructions to write down people's names and what you think of them. It will remain anonymous, and you are not to write about yourself. What are you, narcissistic? OOC Note: Please PM your addition to Maddy on IRC or Dr-Erdrich on the wiki to keep anonymity up.
by: Maddy LMaddy L
09 Dec 2011 02:04
2 by Maddy LMaddy L
10 Dec 2011 06:14 Jump!
Lance's sissy diaries.
by: RagazzoRagazzo
08 Dec 2011 02:07
2 by RagazzoRagazzo
08 Dec 2011 04:28 Jump!
by: (account deleted)
07 Jul 2011 08:34
2 by ToxicClayToxicClay
07 Jul 2011 16:13 Jump!
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