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This category holds per-page comment threads
2313by Maddy LMaddy L
26 Nov 2013 04:24Jump!
Deleted forum discussions should go here.
23by LiebeLiebe
03 Apr 2012 01:46Jump!
After Action Forum
Forum related to IC and OOC discussion for the After Action RP.
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In-character discussion goes here!
This is where out-of-character discussion related to the RP goes.
547by Maddy LMaddy L
30 Dec 2013 15:47Jump!
Administrative Functions
Shit what admins and mods need to handle.
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Where we discuss and record chat bans, and where players can chat report issues.
Where we discuss and record wiki bans, and players can report issues with the wiki.
Everything else.
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In-character threads from Act I of After Action.
36by Maddy LMaddy L
10 Dec 2011 06:14Jump!
Non-RP-related crap goes here.
347by RogetRoget
31 Aug 2013 20:38Jump!

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