Hungry Foliage

Alice sits just inside the tree line of the forest, her back against a tree. She takes out her flute, playing a little song, enjoying the green of the trees and the cool breeze. Jason makes his way to her, sitting down and listening to her play, asking if she could play another. She shifts into the other song, it's happy, playful notes ringing into the dense, dark trees.

Suddenly there is movement. Is there something in the bushes? It's too late to think, as the thick, ropey vine coils around her leg, dragging her to the underbrush, over rocks and sticks. She calls out to Jason, but another vine covers her mouth, silencing her. She struggles as the thorned vines coil tightly around her legs. She claws at the vines, only to find her arms snared too. The rustling of the leaves, vines and thorn is so loud she barely hears the gunshots go off. She struggles harder, help is coming, she just has to hold on. She bites down on the vine covering her mouth and it pulls away the creature seems to recoil in pain. Again she cries out, she knows he's close, he just needs to find her. She barely gets the words out again before thin, sharp vines force their way into her mouth, holding her tongue and trying to snake their way into her throat. Alice holds her breath, thrashing wildly like a dying gazelle in the jaws of a hyena. He's coming, he always does. Just wait and he'll be here…

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