This is what it's about.

Welcome to After Action. We're glad to have you by, and hope we'll see you in-game. If you're interested in playing, this section will give you an overview of the RP, its theme, and how it's played.

If you're coming from the The SCP Foundation or The Wanderer's Library wikis (where the material that this is based on comes from), you may have heard of the Active Duty or Serpent's Hand role-playing games, or participated in them. At heart, After Action is a continuation of these, and as such, is based on the storylines of both, and even includes some of the same characters. Material from both the Foundation and Library serve as backgrounds, but in After Action, much of the focus has moved past these to settle on a world after "the Event," where things have gone terribly, horribly wrong. The mediating organizations that kept hazardous paranormal objects at bay or under containment are simply gone or unable to do so. Many Foundation facilities stand in ruin, and the Library is closed. Strange events are taking place all over the planet and a number of things that had their eye on the fragile balance are coming to call. In short, the world has become a very dangerous place, and basic survival is a very real concern.

Players taking part in the RP stand in the role of the myriad survivors of the Event, specifically a group who were thrust together after an evacuation gone wrong. The New Zealand Survivors are a collection of both normal and paranormal individuals trying to stay alive from day-to-day, and deal with the more recent changes in the post-apocalyptic world.

A number of new elements have been integrated into a combined system that will be fairly familiar to players from the other RPs. For newcomers, the following sections will help you get up to speed. If you have any questions about the material here, drop by #afteractionooc on the SynIRC network and one of our GMs will be happy to help you, and answer any questions you might have. That said, the following sections will assist you in understanding how to create a character, and how things run in general.

  • Character Creation - A step by step walk through of the character template fields.
  • Skill List - The available skills in AA; these determine how good a character is at an action
  • Character List - Characters being used. Look at a few to get a feel for a sheet.
  • Character Advancement - How characters can become stronger.
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