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In order to provide an easy way to keep up with events in the RP, please post links to logs of events of significance here, along with a date and a summary of what happened.

Note: Time in-game runs synchronously with real-world time; further, all times are assumed to be Eastern Standard.

Interactive map of locations of interest

Two Days and a Wakeup: January 2nd 2014

Interloper: Part I
While they are watching the settlement's wall, Ilya and Matt notice a flare go off far to the north. They gather Hikaru, Brock and Ace, and John, and decide to head out to investigate. Ilya stays behind to keep watch. As they get closer, they hear volleys of automatic gunfire, followed by solitary shots answering every volley. Hikaru offers to sneak up on the lone shooter, but before she can, they come under fire from a second story office window. They duck into a convenience store and move through quietly. They hear movement behind a door, and Hikaru hears three voices on the other side. Matt takes them by surprise and subdues one, using him as a shield. When the others fire, Ace is hit and Brock channels his anger to pulp one of their heads. It turns out there are four, and people are injured in the crossfire. John sees to healing Ace and Brock, while Hikaru heads to the office building to see about the lone shooter, who may be injured. She quietly makes her way to the second floor, hearing the ragged breathing from the shooter, and slowly approaches their hiding spot. Using her fast reflexes, she charges them, disarming and restraining him before offering help. John follows soon after and uses his power to heal the shooter, who takes off their respirator, revealing a bird like face, with no beak. There seems to be a language barrier, but Hikaru makes attempts to get past it and learn the creature's name. Meanwhile, John and Matt (who has also caught up) investigate a strange Door with a large X on it. John opens it, and feels an inherent wrongness come from it. After hearing something say "Let me in," they quickly shut the Door. The avian creature freaks out, yelling at them and making sure it's closed. John states he's never seen a Door with no Knock before, and is extremely disturbed over the turn of events. They apologize best they can and introduce themselves. The creature identifies as Chirrik, and despite the language barrier, accepts the offer to go with them. Unfortunately, just as they're leaving, John gets the feeling something is watching, and perhaps something came through the Door.

Interloper: Part II
After settling in a little at the camp, Chirrik seems agitated. She tries to explain to Mitchell about the Door, but the language gap is too large. Eventually she tracks down Hikaru, asking to go where they first met. They mount up with Mitchell, Brock and Ace, Matthew, Adelaide, and Haeata in tow, and drive to the war zone they found themselves in before. Hikaru, Chirrik, and Mitchell head into the building, and make their way to the Door, while the others keep watch outside. Once they're sure the building is secure, Haeata is called up and she and Chirrik examine the Door. Haeata states that it's not just a Door, but something more, and definitely something that shouldn't exist. Meanwhile, Matt and Brock are investigate a noise Adelaide heard in the nearby shop. Brock starts to talk to someone who tells them to be careful of Chirrik, as no one from the Door can be trusted any more. As Brock tries to get more information, Matt moves around the building to flank him. He calls for the stranger to drop his weapon, and he complies, but then tries to make a run for it. Brock tackles him and Matt wings him with the butt of his rifle. Subdued now, he identifies as Bureau of Extranormal Affairs Primary Researcher Deni Cregson, and it seems he too comes from the world on the other side of the Door.
While this has been going on, Chirrik has led Mitchell and Hikaru into the door. There's some kind of plasticy particulate in the air, and a sick yellow haze in the air. They start on a rooftop, and head to a door opened by a specific knock. Something doesn't seem right, and Chirrik is getting more and more agitated. The team decides to head back and regroup with everyone else. When they return, Mitchell notices he has a shred of a pamphlet stuck to his clothes. He jogs to the others, while Hikaru holds back with Chirrik for a moment. Mitchell speaks to Deni, and tries to read the document he brought back. It mentions a a group known as Centrilab, and a "Yellow Tower." Simply reading the words makes the mind reel and Mitchell throws it down. At this moment, Hikaru and Chirrik catch up, and Chirrik draws on Deni and the two start yelling at each other in another language. There's a moment of tension before Mitchell and Hikaru are able to calm her down. Deni tries to explain that the group was using dangerous and unexplained phenomena to further technology, and it went wrong somewhere. His concussion makes it hard to explain more, and the others thinks it's best to take him back to Tinwald to have him helped, and then to figure out what's going on beyond the Door.

Deni gives some important back story about his home, the Doors, the flutter, and the Yellow Tower.

The Yellow Tower
The time has come to return to Chirrik and Deni's world and try to destroy the horrid Yellow Tower. Chirrik explains they're heading to the Tower using as little Doors as possible, then the Tinwald group would move to where she's set up the explosives, while she heads to the point for Plan B. It is on their route that they first encounter the strange creatures that now inhabit this world. The humanoid figures shuffle towards them, knocking on the Doors they run through. Finally they get to where they must split up. Deni explains that he and Matt will work on the detinator for the bomb while Mitchell, Hikaru, and Brock keep watch. Meanwhile, Chirrik heads to the reactors under the Tower to thoroughly destroy the place if they fail. The demo team gets to work quickly, but not quite quick enough, as the strange figures start making their way down the hall they just came through, and more gather behind a glass door to a balcony. They beat their hands against the glass, and the ones in the hall start to surge forward. Hikaru take a few shots at the figures, as does Brock, but then Mitchell follows up by lobbing a cluster of grenades into the hall, collapsing the ceiling onto them. As soon as the charge is set, they head back to the Atrium of Doors so they can get home and detonate. However, a floor below them, Chirrik is being pursued by a horde of the figures, and they seem to be gaining on her. From above, the group tries to thin out the herd and buy her time to get to them. Deni realizes he's gone a long route, and leaves to meet her halfway. After a sickening moment of quiet, there's a knock at a Door. Brock tries to get them to knock in a certain pattern, but the whoever they are, they're faltering. He takes the chance and opens the Door, revealing a heavily injured Chirrik. The wait a moment more for Deni, but unfortunately, when he arrives, there's little of who his was left. Just a shell, asking to be let in. He's quickly subdued and the group hurries to escape. Mitchell hits the button and there's a sensation like someone is screaming coming from within. Mitchell and Hikaru find themselves in a vast desert, watching the tower tumbling, crumbling down. Later they would say they could see something vast writhing underneath, the death throes of something truly gargantuan. Chirrik is before the now dead Door, shocked, injured, but maybe relieved. She tries to get up and walk to the others, not realizing her leg is broken. She starts to go into shock, so Brock and Haeata head back to get John. Once everything is set, they all head home together.

My Violent Heart
With weather getting colder, John, Mitchell, Brock and Ace, and Hikaru head out to find warmer clothes. After circumventing Ashburton, they head east towards the small Hamlet of Chertsey, and are flagged down by a man in a lab coat on the way. The man identifies as Dr. Iapitus, and explains that he works in a lab hidden on a farm near by. He says his group works on developing medicine for paranaturals who don't respond to conventional medicine. John likes the sound of this, so he's more than happy to hear them out when Iapitus asks for help. They had to the lab, and are told that nearby a small town, the one they're heading to, there is an entrance to their mother base. They need someone to go inside and plug in a device that will let them access it remotely. They explain they can't go themselves, as the people who have moved into Chertsy shoot them on sight. As they have no vehicles or weapons, they have no chance of out driving or out gunning these people, and Iapitus asks if the group might be able to go in their stead. The group reluctantly agrees, and the scientists explain that anything else they find in the labs is fair game as reward. Just as they're heading back to the truck, Hikaru comes out of a separate building with bad news. This group may actually be a Chaos Insurgency offshoot, and they're likely being deceived.
Hikaru suggests they try to talk to the people in Chertsey, and the others agree. When they get there, they're not immediately shot at, but greeted by the guards on duty. The man tells them to leave, but after explaining why they're here, the group is invited inside. One of the men there explains they are lab grown soldiers, commissioned by the CI that have gained autonomy. The device the group was given would effectively kill the men of this settlement, collaring them to be controlled by the scientists again. They go on to explain that if they overloaded the lab, it would prevent this from happening again, and would neutralize the scientists, who are just puppets controlled from a great distance. They decide to do that, and head to the entrance of the lab. Hikaru reprograms the device so she can use it to interface with their computers without dealing with any counter hacking. They head inside, poking around in the computers a bit to find out more information, and learn the name of the off shoot: Catharsis Labs. They head to the reactor, finding some kind of artificial magic machine, and Hikaru sets to overload it. Unfortunately this sets off the internal security, and soon, strange mechanical humanoids descend upon them. They kill the first two, sustaining plenty of injury on the way, and see many more coming. Luckily Hikaru finishes, and the robots cease to function. They group hurries out while the emergency power still on and decide to head home, and check back in with the soldiers when they're better rested. Stopping by the small lab, they see strange robots cleaning up the leftover meat puppets, now that they're dead, and the Floating Nurses, as they're called, have autonomy now. One human remains alive, a captive of the lab named Luna. John offers her a spot in Tinwald and she joins them.

Corruption Reborn
On a sleepy morning, there's a sudden commotion from one of the Doors in town. It's Twiggy from the lime orchard, and he's in a lot of distress. John quickly gathers a few of the able bodies near by and together, he, Mitchel, U475, Dax, and Kevin head through to see what's amiss. At the edge of the forest, many of the diseased sprites from before have joined hand in hand, forming a barrier to keep something out, or maybe to keep something in. The sprites are strangely unresponsive, barely making a peep or movement as U475 sends the JACS unit to investigate. When the group approaches the barrier, the sprites part, letting everyone but Twiggy through. They head into the woods and are almost immediately faced with falling trees. Checking the roots, U475 find them rotted, even though the tree is healthy. Soon another falls, injuring several people, and pinning poor Dax and JACS to the forest floor. The crashing trees are getting closer now, and the group rushes to unpin their companions, then try to outrun the trees, forcing them deeper into the woods. As they run, a mad cackle gets louder and they're herded into a small clearing. Here, there's a large pine cone, diseased and rotting, just like the sprites. Between the scales, there are sprites in various stages of development, already showing signs of their rot. A strange woman steps out from behind the cone, happily purring at the idea of consuming the group. She introduces herself as Lilith, or corruption itself, and takes credit for the disease that's plaguing the sprites and their forest. John sets about healing Dax's injuries while U475 tries to reason with the entity, but the sight of positive magic sends her into a rage. Before anyone can act, she's transformed herself into something and her great claws fatally pierce Dax. He rots before their eyes, and the remaining group members see red. Before any words can be spoken, Mitchell and John have already opened fire and destroyed Lilith's body. The great vines that covered her form are left, and look more healthy. The rot starts to peel away from the great pine cone begins to flake off, and the baby sprites inside no longer are no longer filled with disease. U475 retrieves the vines, learning they are part of the forest Lilith stole and corrupted, and Te Puke, as they're called, offers to protect him as thanks. Meanwhile, John attempts to pull Dax's soul back to his body, but it's already moving on, and the chances of the rotted corpse supporting life again are slim. The sprites now rush into the woods, no longer diseased and start to heal the forest and clearing, apparently not understanding the humans' mourning. John and Kevin head to get a cloth to carry Dax's remains home in, encountering Twiggy, who they can now understand. He thanks them for saving his people, and explains he must return to the woods, as he is the shaman of their tribe. He promises that the other sprites will continue to care for the orchard for them, and try to keep it safe. The reward is a little sour after a loss of one of their own, much like the fruit itself.

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