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In order to provide an easy way to keep up with events in the RP, please post links to logs of events of significance here, along with a date and a summary of what happened.

Note: Time in-game runs synchronously with real-world time; further, all times are assumed to be Eastern Standard.

Interactive map of past and current locations.

The Event: July 17th 2011
Jason Dodridge receives a mysterious phone call, and soon there's a call for site wide evacuation. People start to freak out, rushing to the motor pool or helipad. The Directors are called to The Briefing Room where they learn the score. They're given the means to remotely activate the site nuke, and told they have five minutes. They manage to make the range and input their codes, but the nuke fails, and Director James Carr heads back to do it manually.
The Convoy heads to Site 67, to see what, if anything is left, and to find out the status of the Dodridge's child. The scene when they arrive isn't a pretty one, as the temperature rises and rivers of molten bronze flow down Ayers Rock. A figure approaches, and Alice and Jason head out to question him. It turns out to be Dr. Frederick Heiden, or SCP-1312-067 as he identifies himself. The Directors Dodridge question him about Travis, and they don't like what they're told. After a scuffle, The Convoy heads to the outskirts of Alice Springs…and waits.

End Game
The time has come to make the push into Sydney and get the hell out of Australia. Everyone is getting ready and waiting for the word. Jason give people their last chance to stay behind, but everyone is in it for the long haul. As their leaving, there are explosions from the city, and suddenly there's comm chatter. Something is attacking the CI. Midnight feels a psychic presence leave, one so subtle and tricky, no one even felt it till it was gone. Somehow, Tau and her two followers dealt with the psychic, causing the Australian military to break free of the influence and revolt. They drive into the city outskirts with no trouble, local Army wandering the streets confused, and they head quickly to their goal. As they get closer, Florence hits an IED and is wrecked. Jason runs to start transferring people to the LAV and they're hit by an ambush. Everyone takes fire, and Jason, John and Alice quickly dispatch the attackers before they head further forward. They get to the docks, finding their prize rigged to explode, and are given a warning that CI troops are on their way. They hunker down to repel the attack while John, ALICEL, Nick and Zoe set to work finding and disarming every bomb. Joey helps a little, freezing the bombs in time so they can't be detonated remotely. The Insurgency arrives just in time to be torn a part by heavy gunfire, The Convoy taking a little fire as well. Midnight is concentrating on summoning the very ocean itself to help them, and is hit pretty badly. Joey stopped an APC in time, but not in space, allowing the Earth to rotate and transit underneath it, leaving a red smear on the pavement, and a comically APC shaped hole in a nearby building. The wave Midnight summoned pushes the attackers back for a while, and they get the all clear from the bomb squad. John gets the crane moving, getting Eve on the ship while the others fall back to the boat. They fight and fight but there are just too many of them. Suddenly, the Australian resistance, lead by a strange British man rolls through, hitting the CI hard, and the last vestiges of Australian Foundation air support fly overhead, dropping every last shred of ammo into the Insurgency. The Convoy floats off, the smoking ruins of Sydney slowly disappearing on the horizon. Jason notes that they didn't get the ULF, so now they just have to decide where to go. Alice heaves a sigh of relief. They made it.

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