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In order to provide an easy way to keep up with events in the RP, please post links to logs of events of significance here, along with a date and a summary of what happened.

Note: Time in-game runs synchronously with real-world time; further, all times are assumed to be Eastern Standard.

Interactive map of past and current locations.

The Escape: October 19, 2011
The Convoy has both added to its number and lost members to various causes as it traveled across Australia, weathering paranormal hardships and withering attacks by Chaos Insurgency forces as it moved southeast, but eventually made it to Sydney. After a successful assault into the city, assisted by surviving Australian Army personnel freed after the neutralization of a powerful psychic, they secured a Huon-class minehunter ship and set sail away from Australia.

Leaving on a Jet Plane
Just outside of Shanghai, The Convoy gets a message that the 7th Fleet from before is landing at the international airport near the coast. They motor over there, split into two groups, Foundation/Military Personnel and Civilians. The civilian group is asked about paranormal members of the group. They try to skirt the issue, but Bou blunders out of the trailer. The man explains they just want to make sure no one is going to fuck up the plane or something, and hands them flight roster to fill out. Jason, Alice and Lance speak to another man about the state of the world as they know it, and the news isn't nice. With that, they load up anything they can, putting the LAV and trailer on another aircraft, leaving the APC and the Chinese captives behind.
They fly for some time, but then there's a loud whump, and the engines go silent. Through the still open back hatch of their Osprey, The Convoy can see the LAV and trailer falling to the ground, assisted by parachutes. They fall from the sky, and several people are injured, Tau seriously so. When people start coming to their senses, Alice and Lance work hard to make sure people with medical needs are tended to. Anyone able starts moving the injured from the wreckage and collecting whatever supplies they can. The 7th Fleet crew, however, didn't make it. With everyone as tended to as possible, Alice finally breaks. They're in the forest, lost, with no idea where their vehicle landed.

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