This is what we've done.

In order to provide an easy way to keep up with events in the RP, please post links to logs of events of significance here, along with a date and a summary of what happened.

Note: Time in-game runs synchronously with real-world time; further, all times are assumed to be Eastern Standard.

Interactive map of past and current locations.

Running Scared: May 6th, 2012
The Convoy has been chased from Canada by Daevites, Moose-men and a whole host of other nasties. With the moose destroyed, they only need to worry about the Daevites, and stopping their return. The group is a very different collection of people, with only a couple left from The Event almost a year ago. Now, they forge forward into the United States, hoping to find out what else they can do to set things right.

Back to the Great White North
The group decides they've done enough sitting around. The Daevites aren't going to destroy themselves, and to get any closer to stopping them, The Convoy needs information. Thanks to Chainshank, they know there's an abandoned Foundation site in Alberta, Canada. They set off, heading north across the border, encountering strange tracks, a ghost town, and a minor panic with an artificial dinosaur. They set down in a hospital in Milk River, Alberta, and draw their plans.

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