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In order to provide an easy way to keep up with events in the RP, please post links to logs of events of significance here, along with a date and a summary of what happened.

Note: Time in-game runs synchronously with real-world time; further, all times are assumed to be Eastern Standard.

Interactive map of past and current locations.

Back to the Great White North: September 24th, 2013
After spending a good long time in Montana, helping out the children of Little Livingston, hopefully setting some eldrich creature's plans back a few decades, and lounging about a Marshal, Carter, and Dark dude ranch, The Convoy decides it's time to get back to work. Knowing there's a defunct Foundation base in Alberta, Canada, they start heading north. At the border, they find a town of ghosts, and eventually find a quiet hospital a town over to relax in while they make their plans.

The Flock
The Convoy is holed up in an abandoned country club. It's cold, there's no hear, water, or lights, but there are walls. While trying to warm herself by the fire, Charlotte notices something in the distance. Hundreds of inky black birds on papery wings are headed straight for the camp, and they're coming fast. She tries to get people's attention on the radio, but being mute really doesn't help her communicate the situation fully. She does, however, manage to wake up Emma, who sees the birds through a window. Suddenly everyone is up and moving, trying to get into one vehicle or another. Emma gets on the flamethrower on the back of EELS and opens fire on the approaching flock. She decimates the birds, but the rest continue to press their attack. As the group speeds away, Emma manages to take out a few dozen more, before they finally make headway, and drive through the night to North Bay. There, they shack up in a hospital, hoping they've lost the birds entirely.

While trying to charge the batteries for the trailer, Scott realizes they're completely out of fuel for the LAV. Deciding they just can't wait, Elle, Myrtle, Emma, Charlotte, and Kyle head into North Bay to find diesel. On their way, they see headlights coming towards them, before veering off down the road they intend to take. As the group makes their way to the gas station, they see the headlights again, but they shut off. As they set up the tanks to fill with fuel, Emma climbs onto the roof of the station to keep watch. The lights return, but this time they split apart, and go in different directions. Elle tries to keep an eye on one, but the other has sneaked up on Emma and knocks her off the roof. The rest of the team lays into the creature with gunfire and pulls the corpse off of her. The creature appears to be some kind of bony raptor with a strange bioluminecent sac on its head. Some sort of razor spine is pulled from her right leg, also injured from her fall. Soon the cries of the second, larger creature echo through the neighborhood. As it charges, everyone unloads into it, blinding it and sending it careening into the station and knocking over one of the gas stops. Kyle finishes the creature off while Charlotte sees to Emma's injuries. Finally they get everything they need and return to the hospital as fast as they can.

As the group recovers from their run in with SCP-745, Scott is making sure they have all the first aid supplies they need. Out of the corner of his eye, he spies a tall and skinny humanoid with grotesquely long limbs scaling the building. He dumps a mag on the thing, mostly in hopes to get everyone else's attention. He succeeds, and soon Kyle is headed for the roof and Charlotte and Emma are headed outside. Just as they make it, a second creature narrowly misses clawing at Scott. The smell of rotting eggs fills the air and they know who these monsters are sent by. Scott gets everyone back into the building as Kyle hears the first creature in the vents. Suddenly, it's right in front of him, also narrowly missing him. Kyle opens fire on it, killing it almost instantly, leaving it to rot quickly in the stairwell. He calls to see where the last one is, and Emma soon finds it. The monster thrusts its needle like fingers into her flesh with such precision as to not hit anything important, but to come close enough that she feels it. Not a moment later, she opens fire on the creature and completely destroys it. As Scott and Charlotte tend to her bleeding wounds, Kyle and Elle head to the vehicles. Kyle spots incoming Daevite birds, and opens fire. A number of the flock swoop down and attack him, viciously cutting him, but not taking him down. Scott runs with Emma, depositing her in the trailer, then fires on the birds attacking Kyle. The flock now turns its focus to Scott, narrowly missing him as he dashes for the SUV. Kyle fires again, taking out another portion of the birds, before dashing to his vehicle. The Convoy takes off, losing sight of the birds behind them not long after. They pull in to a camp-grounds parking lot and decide to stop there, letting people recuperate.

Fahrenheit 451
After a long day of driving, the Convoy is almost within arms reach of the facility that holds SCP-140. The group starts to draw up a plan, as a rotting smell blows in on a breeze. Those who wont be joining on the operation get in the SUV an trailer, and head into Utica to hide, leaving Arianna, Arnold, Elle, Kyle, Myrtle, and Scott to go after the book. As they go over their plans a last time, the Daevite army breaks through the tree line. Before the General can give some kind of dramatic speech, Emma sets several of them on fire, and the vehicles take off. She and Scott keep firing their vehicles' weapons at the approaching hoard, till the LAV's bushmaster runs out of ammo. Ari and Myrtle throw grenades from the windows of EELs as Scott drops the LAV's ramp and throws some more. Arnold begins to fire at the Daevite Behemoths now running up on them, and Emma stops the flame thrower to fire a rocket. As they clear the Behemoths, a few smaller monsters try to teleport into the vehicle. The first misses Scott, and is soon dispatched by Arnold, though the next guts him as pay back. Charlotte gains control of the Daevite, forcing him to grab a grenade, pull the pin and join back with is army. As it detonates, it goes off with the power of a 500 lb bomb. Turns out that this was the most unhelpful object on Earth to the Daevites at that moment.
When they finally make it to the building, Elle calls for Kyle to drive through the doors. After he does, she slams on her breaks, does a 180, and drives full speed backwards in after EELs. She drops the ramp and everyone piles out. Something seems to be stopping the Daevites from teleporting in, and the mangled LAV is blocking their entrance. The group quickly heads down the stairs, encountering a Reflection on the way. This Daevite take the form of Myrtle, but is different enough that Emma immediately puts it down. When they reach the bottom, there's a door to maintenance, and another to storage. Before they can decide where to go, three Slenders burst from the vents, tearing into Myrtle and Ari, and missing Kyle. Again, the creatures are dispatched and Scott starts to patch everyone up as much as possible. Arnold and Elle head to maintenance to check the status of the site ordinance, and the rest go for the book. When they get there, the book is missing, and Elle gives them a call to join her. It seems like the thermobarics were set off, and the book was almost caught in the blast. However, something has stopped time here, holding everything in place. Elle points out that the time stop is deteriorating, and if they can stop the Daevites from getting long enough, the book will be destroyed.
They head upstairs in time to see Eve pulled from it's spot blocking the door. The group opens up on the two Behemoths now entering, and tear them apart. The army of Daevites is seemingly endless, however, and their General a powerful flesh mage. Emma gets back on the flamethrower, and Myrtle put on the mask of Sanft, a djinn they met so long ago. Ari calls out to the General, who's started to amalgamate the fallen soldiers into his being. She challenges the Daevite's need for their book as she dives into his new grotesque form. Charlotte reaches out and grabs hold of the General's mind, hearing Ari still talking wicked smack to him. She tells Charlotte to hold him down till she can get control, then to get the group away. Inside the General, it's starting to get hot as the thermobarics start to curl around the book, and as Myrtle uses the powers of the mask to become fiery death itself. Finally, Charlotte can let go, Ari has control, and the rest of the group finishes their assult on the General. They pile into EELs bed, and Kyle steps on it. As the book is destroyed, a white light fills the air, and Daevites around the world explode into confetti. For a moment it looks like it's snowing, though the flakes turn to ash as they touch the ground. In an instant, everything the Daevites have caused is undone. Hundreds of people are suddenly alive, places once destroyed are again standing, and the smell of sulphur is cleared from the air. Myrtle tries to contact Ari…but there is no reply. Unsure of what comes next, the group heads for Utica to rejoin their friends.

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