Mentally Gifted Moose


Moose over Mind: Marlon can expend a fate point, and send a wave of unfocused but powerful emotion at any sapient being. Due to Marlon's temperament, the emotion is generally sorrow, or crippling loneliness. This is a mental attack, where Marlon rolls 4f + his current Mind. If the attack is successful, the target loses their next action, as they're overwhelmed with a brief but crippling deluge of emotion.


A Not So Dumb Beast Marlon is not terribly clever by the standards one would ascribe to a human. He's the smartest moose you'll ever meet.

Tread softly? Pfft, I carry sticks on my HEAD Marlon is headstrong, and brash from time to time. Doesn't often wait for plans to be formed. Follows his heart.

New World, Old Wilderness Despite Marlon's sentience, he is very much a wild animal, and as such is instinctively attuned with nature.


  • Physical Defense: 4
  • Mental Defense: 4
  • Body: 3
  • Mind: 3
  • Athletics: 4
  • Melee Weapons: 4
  • Survival: 4



Personal History

Marlon is a moose, and a supremely intelligent one at that. At least by the standards one would impose on a moose. Despite never being permitted entry to the library, Marlon has popped in several times after discovering a Way leading inside some years ago. Some say Marlon had been rubbing his antler's against a tree when he discovered the library. Some say it was the other end Marlon was rubbing. In any case, Marlon is a moose in odd circumstances doing the best he can. For one thing he appears to live in an near endless meadow devoid of anything but trees, flowers and streams. For Marlon, it was paradise. Every so often Marlon will open his Way and try to tempt some visitors with a trail of flowers left in the doorway. Marlon's a friendly beast, but looking at him, you can't help but feel he's lonely. The more compassionate staff may encourage visits to Marlon, but also advise at being careful of Marlon's flowers. He's rather protective of them. He might just make you a gift of them if he enjoys your company though.

The Event rendered Marlon's meadow inhabitable, transforming it into a barren waste. So, with a heavy heart, Marlon left his former home, in search of a new place to call his own. Or, at the very least, companions. It has become a lonely world for Marlon.

Marlon enjoying a snack in his meadow, before The Event.
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