This is what makes you different.


A character's Power is a unique trait or ability they possess, and most often stems from your Character Concept. It is a part of your character that no one else can replicate. What makes your character useful to the group? Can he shoot just a little bit better than everyone else, or manipulate fire? Perhaps she can control graffiti on the walls, or fade into the shadows like its second nature. It's up to you.

Activating a Power for an effect possible through the use of another skill has no cost. For example, telekinetically flinging a knife at someone isn't fundamentally different from throwing it, nor magnifying an image by bending light much different from looking through a pair of binoculars. To do things which aren't possible with another skill, such as for example hurling a two-ton steel girder with your mind, or effectively becoming a spy satellite, do cost an Action Point. If you're unsure if a given use will cost an Action Point, by all means, ask.

Remember, uniqueness is encouraged in picking your character's Power. If you're stuck for ideas, or are unsure what is acceptable, feel free to ask for help in the out-of-character chat or bat a concept around with a GM. Included below are some sample powers.

Badass Normal

Your character doesn't have any of that fancy magic, but he/she is damn good at what he/she does. Tag two skills. For an Action Point, increase that Skill's roll modifier by +3 for a single roll. Expend 3 Action Points for a +4 roll.

Defensive Adaptation

Your character has scales, or armor, or is just balls to the walls insane. For an Action Point, ignore the most recently dealt point of Body damage.


Your character is adept at quickly adapting to the situation at hand - by means of magic transformation, surgical alteration, or otherwise. For an Action Point, take one point from a skill and add it to another for the duration of the run.


You're good at throwing a wrench in the works. For one Action Point, you may make a Ranged or Melee Attack versus a single target's Defense. If they fail, they take no damage but may not act for two turns.

Guy with a dog

You have a pet who you've been partnered with a long time. You forgo a power at all and roll up a second sheet for your companion. Companions get a starting point pool of 12 points, they start with 2 health, and have a maximum of 4 at creation, and a total maximum of 5. Companions cannot have powers, or be sapient.


Aspects are different from powers in that they are concepts that help to define your character. They could be personality traits, physical quirks that can be game-changers, or simply parts of the character's history. A robot may have the aspect "Made of Metal" and thus be heavier than a human, and only able to be healed by an engineering roll, or a shapeshifter may have an aspect regarding their tendency to never stick with one face for long. This also applies to non-paranormal characters as well; A former Marine with a touch of PTSD may respond with undue force in startling situations. A loving mother may be able to summon incredible feats of will and strength when children are in danger.


Compelling is when a GM "Compels" a characters aspect. For example, lets take our theoretical vampire character with the aspect "Bloodlust"- they are sensitive to the smell of blood and are easily distracted or go into a frenzy when they catch a whiff of it. They are in the middle of a fight when an PC's blood is spilled, and the GM can compel "Bloodlust"- one of their aspects, forcing the character to miss a round of combat and attack the nearest PC in a fit of hunger- or if there's no PC nearby, the GM could even determine that he attacks a comrade, forcing both of them out of a round of combat.

It costs an Action point to resist a compelled aspect, but accepting a compelled aspect can garner you a new Action point for the duration of the scene.


A player may also "Tag" a character's aspect for a temporary +2 bonus to a certain skill, or to re-roll for a related action. In example, a character has the aspect "Gentleman" - he is compelled to defend and treat the ladies with extra care and respect. They are in a situation where a female comrade is in danger, so the player requests to tap "Gentleman" for a +2 bonus to his melee skill, so that he may punch out the dastardly villain. This costs an Action Point.

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