This is where Unit 475 was made. GUS too but nobody cares about that guy. Despite them both being in the 400th series of their units, they are not actually close to the 400th units built. The colony designates a unit by which year (the 4th) it is, and which number unit of that year they are, in U475's case he was the 75th robot constructed in the fourth year of the colony.

There's only one record of who made the first robots of the colony, and it has been kept by Mayoral-1 (The supercomputer who is hardwired into the colony hub) in secret for as long as the colony has existed. The colony is founded in Stewart Island, just 30 kilometers south of South Island. The main area engulfs the entire Southwest Cape. Several observatories are perched along Mount Anglem to observe the mainland since the disappearance of numerous units. Despite being peaceful, with no chance of any form of rioting, the colony has a very strong armed presence.

There are currently 115 Moderative Units as the heavy defense. The light defense is composed of 42 OGUS units.

The colony was primarily built to be a self sufficient test hub, primarily for research. As such the Runners and the Librarians were created. The Runners were made with a large memory storage unit in their torso, and an aerial drone for defense and scouting. They would return and upload their data to the Librarians, who would then store the information for a mass download.

Since the disappearance of just under a third of the Runners, Mayoral-1 had the colony cease its attempts for communications, entering a state of high alert.

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