Styer's Notebook

The following the contents of Patrick Styer's Notebook. It has been translated from Gaelic for your reading convenience.

Day One - Mother gave me a book to write down what I'm doing while I'm away. Says she does not want to miss anything. I'm just pulling away from the house now so not much has gone on yet. I'm heading for Cobh to try to catch a boat over to England or something like that. I hope that I'll have better luck finding work over there than I did when I was in Ireland. The people over there are supposed to be much better off than we are so those rich bastards are sure to have plenty of money. Oh … sorry mom, I'm writing this with a pen so I can't really delete the cuss. I'm sorry.

I got to Cobh, but before I hopped on a boat, an old man told me that if I was to go to Rosslare, I could catch a boat there cheaper and spend shorter time on the water. I thanked the old man and caught the train to Rosslare.

I have gotten to Rosslare, but it's getting dark so I'm going to rent a room for the night and catch the morning boat. There is a nice brothel over there, maybe some of the ladies could help me out. I mean they could help with instructions and such, nothing bad mom.

Day Two - I'm leaving the brothel now and heading for the port.

I'm on a Boat.

Day Three - I'm sorry I didn't write mom, I met some nice ladies in the bay and that insisted that they give me a tour. They didn't show me much, but they were kind enough to let me stay at their little cottage at night. I'm in a town called Fishguard, and everyone here speaks English. Oh well, I'll probably just have to get used to it. It's like having ​​a town full of Uncle Martin.

I have found a store clerk claiming that they needed a clerk to stand at the cash register. I think it seems easy enough, not exactly glorious but I think I can deal with. They say that I can start on Monday.

Day Five - Mom I'm sorry I did not write yesterday, I've been really busy lately because, believe it or not, the story is pretty busy on a daily basis. It's night time now and I'm just getting off work. Night Mom.

Day Eight - The store was almost robbed today. A man walked in, drunk as a fool, and threatened to kill me and take the shop's money. Well, unfortunately, the fool made me shoot at him. He didn't die and I called an ambulance. However, I did get fired because that maniac was the store owner's brother and he was not happy to hear I shot him. It's not all bad news though, man heard what I did and offered me a job working as a security guard at some shopping center in Haverfordwest. Apparently there have been a number of thefts there and they are hiring more qualified guards to stop it. I didn't even know I was qualified as a security guard, much less a Mall Cop. Maybe I'll do some good while I'm there. I'm taking the train there tomorrow.

Day Nine - The train got me here in one piece and the man showed me where I'd be working. It's kinda big, noting fancy. A really snippy girl works at a store called Halfords and I do not think she likes me very much. The man called himself Chuck and said he was the security chief for these places. He gave me a taser and some hand cuffs. He offered me a Segway but I said declined because I didn't want to look like a fool riding it. He said that it wasnt' a real employment, but he would pay me the same as the other guards. I'm not sure that's legal or whatever but I really don't care. I'm getting paid!

Day Forty Seven - Sorry I haven't been writing Mom but nothing has really happened since last time. I'm still a security guard and I've found a nice little flat in town. Nothing special, one bed, one bath. It has a kitchen and a small sitting room. That's about all that's happened.

Day Eighty Nine - I got to chase a man out of a store today after he tried to take a set of car stereo's out without anyone noticing. Fool looked like he had a pair of F cups on his chest. We had him arrested.

Day Ninety Three - I tased a gun that ran into the store swinging a baseball bat like a maniac. He almost knocked my block off too! Had him arrested too. What's with these people and our store lately? I hope it stays this exciting.

Day Ninety Eight - I was forced to shoot a man that came into the store. He shot that snippy cashier girl and three other customers. Before he did any of that though I had tried to take him down with my taser when I saw his gun. The bloke just looked at me and yanked the little shocky bits out of him, then he started shooting people. I ran to our hunting department and smashed the glass gun case. I grabbed a double-barrel shotgun and shot that psycho point blank in the back with both barrels. He only stumbled with the first one but the second barrel got through to the guys spine and broke it I guess. He didn't die though! He just kept thrashing his neck and head around screaming like a banshee. He couldn't move his lower half so I guess I paralyzed him or something. I called the Police, but the only people that came were these guys in suits. They said the big guy was just an drug addict and that's what made him so strong, but I don't buy it. That fool took a buck shot to the back without a scratch. I don't know what that guy was Mom, but I know we wasn't normal. Sorry about the graphic descriptions, but you did say you wanted to know everything.

Day Ninety Nine - Chuck asked me to bring a real gun to work, says he needs me to be better armed at work and he won't say nothing as long as I keep it on the down low. Says he trusts me enough to know when to use it. I like this think much better than that wimpy taser I had before. Now I can make a difference.

Day 103 - I saw some lass trying to take some make-up from one of the stores so I had a nice little chat with her. After some thought we came to an agreement and I paid for the make-up, later tonight she's supposed to come by my flat for dinner.

It's almost midnight. Bitch stood me up. Oh, sorry for the cuss mom.

Day 126 - I had a fight with Chuck today about buy girls stuff for them. Apparently I'm not aloud to flirt with the customers. I said he was crazy and walked away. He said if I did it again he'd fire me, but I doubt he will.

Day 127 - Well…Chuck fired me today. He gave me my final check and sent me off. Bastard I mean…chump. I don't need his job anyway. I know a better way to get money.

Day 128 - It's so sad to hear what happened to Chuck. Apparently all of his stores were robbed last night. The police said it was almost like the thief new all the security codes and were all the cameras were. Poor Chuck, I bet he wishes he had a good security guard now. Oh, by the way, I won the lottery this morning so I'll be sending you some more money than usual mom.

Day 153 - Well after talking to my landlord, I paid my flat rent for the next month and moved out. I don't know where I'm going to go, but I've about had it with this town. I'll catch a train somewhere tomorrow.

Day 154 - I'm on a train to Pembroke, a river town south of Haverfordwest. Hopefully I'll find some work there.

Day 156 - I was walking through the docks when I heard a man yelling at some other guy for apparently quitting right before they were shipping off. When the other guy left, I talked to the man about joining where the other guy had left off. He asked me if I had ever been on a fishing boat before and I of course hadn't, but I said I'm a quick learned and that I had been fishin' with my step-father before. He agreed to give me a shot. I've been thinking about you all lately. Hope you're doing good.

Day 157 - I learned the man's name was Sheamus. He's a Scot from Pittenweem, but he came to Pemsbroke to get his shipmates a break. Luckily for me, that's exactly what the bloke that quit's plan was anyway. Now I'm helping net the fish. Sheamus says we're going further out to sea later on.

Day 160 - We've been doing really well catching fish mom. Every now and then though, we catch these weird looking fish by themselves. They look like they're dinosaurs or some crap like that. They're tough as a motherfucker too. O'Connell tried gut on with his knife, but the fucker didn't even bleed. The knife went in sure, but when he pulled it back out the little fucker sealed right back up, then it bit O'Connell on the arm. We've decided to just throw those fuckers right back if we catch them again.

Day 162 - O'Connell's got a fever higher than I've ever seen. We don't have a doc on board, but I soaked a rag in cold water and placed it on his head. Hopefully he'll feel better soon. He's an alright chap. I think that damned fish give him rabies or the fish flu or something like that. Sheamus says we'll only be out here a few more days, then we'll take him to the Hospital if he doesn't get better.

Day 163 - I swear to god I saw a whale a few hours ago. It was huge! Sheamus says that whales don't hang around where we are but I know I saw something. O'Connell's doing a bit better but he passed out yesterday and hasn't woken back up. He's fever's down though.

Day 164 - Sheamus saw what I saw yesterday, said it wasn't a whale what ever it was. If it's not a whale, then I don't wanna know what's that big out here with us. O'Connell's still not awake.

Day 166 - I got the big fucker Mom! I don't even know what it was, but it definitely wasn't a whale. This thing was like a bigger version of those small weird fish we were catching earlier. We didn't technically kill it though. Sheamus kept shooting at it with a revolver but it was like when 'O'Connell stabbed it, the big thing just kept healing back. Eventually he resorted to shooting flares at it but even that didn't do much good. It rammed the boat once and almost knocked Sheamus and I over board. I was fed up with this thing so I got the harpoon gun out from the supply case and cut the rope attaching the harpoon to the launcher. I duct taped some flares to the side of the harpoon for an extra blast and lit them. I shot the harpoon in the fucker, flares and all. I don't think it went all the way through and when the fucker healed back up, he had a flaming harpoon on the inside. It went back under the water and we didn't see it afterwards. if I didn't kill it then I at least gave the fucker big guy some serious heart burn.

Day 168 - We've arrived back to Pembroke and Sheamus and I carried O'Connell to the hospital after docking. They say he was poisoned by something and was lucky to be alive. I hope he'll be okay, but I've decided to leave Pembroke for a while to come visit you all back home. Sheamus says he's not planning on going out again for a while so he'd probably still be there when I get back. I'm catching a ferry tomorrow to Rosslare. See you soon Mom.

Day 169 - I'm on the ferry now! Be there in a few hours guys!

The ferry got here late tonight so I think I'll make my way there tomorrow. Tonight though I think I'm going to go stay at that brothel in town. I hope you'll be surprised to see me tomorrow!

Day 170 - I'm on the train to Cobh now, then I'll be just a few hours from home!

I'm in Cobh! I'll be there in a few hours!

I'm walking up the Pathway now!

Day 171 - Yesterday, I walked into my mom's cottage to surprise her. When I got there, I didn't think anybody was home so I called her cellphone to see where she was, but it rang inside the house. I found her lying in her bed and she wasn't with us anymore. I called an ambulance, but when they arrived one of the paramedics said that she had already been dead for a few days. She died in her sleep. They took her to the morgue or where ever they take dead bodies. I've called my sister and she's coming tomorrow. I don't know why I'm still writing in this notebook, maybe I should just stop no one's going to read it now anyway.

Day 172 - I've decided I'm going to keep writing in this notebook. I'm going to keep writing in memory of my mother. Maybe she'll see me writing in it and she'll read it from wherever she is.

My sister came about an hour ago. We're arranging funeral dates. It's good to see her again.

Day 176 - We put Mom in the ground today. She has a nice Gravestone and she's buried right next to Dennis. They always said they wanted to be buried together. Hopefully you're happy where ever you are now Mom.

Day 178 - I spent yesterday going through photo albums and other family things with my sister, then we had lunch. I think I'm going back to Pembroke tomorrow. See if Sheamus is still there. I need something to get my mind of all this mess.

Day 180 - I'm back in Pembroke but Sheamus and O'Connell are gone and so is there boat. Hopefully they'll have an easier sail this time than they did last time. Be safe boys.

I think I'm gonna take the train to another town, this one's getting kinda boring. I hear about a city called Swansea. I think I'll try and make my way there.

Day 183 - I'm trying to get myself settled here. It's pretty crowded and I'm not sure where I'm even going. I see a flat for rent sign up ahead and I think I'll go see the place, then I'll start looking for work.

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Day 1794 - I found a canteen on some dead chap a few minuets ago.

I'm travelling with a bunch of odd people now. It started with me spotting two ladies down the street from where I was. When I got closer, one of them pointed a gun at me while the other whispered something to her about her ass. I knew immediately these were my type of ladies. The one with the gun's name was Miss Rivers but I hear everyone call her Myrtle and for some reason I can't keep a clear picture of her in my head. The other one's name was Atropa and she's some kind of Purple Poisonous Plant lady. After our introductions, they lead me to the rest of their 'Convoy'. They have some hot but weird knife girl named Arianna I believe, then a Hard Ass Military Chick named Elle, a German Amputee Musician named Claudia I think. After I met all of them, we saw a guy walking down the road and Knife girl said he had a gun. Everyone tensed up and Miss Rivers seemed to turn invisible or something because she was just gone. Turns out he's a Peeler named Evans. Hopefully he won't be sticking around long. He said something about zombies attacking him guys earlier. I don't buy it, if they attacked a bunch of police officers then why is there just him left? If he's a medic, why didn't he try to help anyone instead of running like a bitch? I don't know. We left the town and now we're at some kind of park or something. I'm on guard duty.

Day 1795 - Nothing really happened today. Atropa's got a dumb sister. There's also a snake kid around with them somewhere. Had a nice chat with the group, got called a Mick by the Garda, then had another conversation with Elle. Apparently she's a Marine with amazing luck. I think traveling with these people will be interesting.

Day 1796 - I'm starting to notice that some of the group is ignoring me. I admit I've been a bit forward with them, but I would at least expect some common decency. Zoe seems like a nice enough person though. I'm starting to notice that my canteen isn't getting any emptier, not that I'm complaining.

A red squirrel came up to me on my walk and offered me it's acorn. I'll name it Sheamus.

Day 1797 - I feel like I can trust these people not to shoot me in the back when I sleep. Most of them anyway.

I met with that snake boy they've been mentioning and he seem's like a nice enough lad. Hopefully he and I will get along better than I do with the Peeler.

That Arianna girl is crazy. She threw a knife into Sheamus, skinned him, and ate him. That's almost as bad as seeing Uncle Tommy eating those bull testicles.

Day 1798 - I like these walks I've been taking, gives me time to calm down and think. Miss you mom.

I saw Miss Arianna crying behind the house today. I think I almost cracked her, but she got all stubborn and left again. I'll get to her if it's the last thing I so dammit.

They've set up razor wire around the house this afternoon. As safe as it may be, I don't feel comfortable if we have to make a quick get away. These beans I found are really good. Atropa's humming this really depressing tune, but it's pretty too so I'm not going to ask her to stop.

Day 1799 - Miss Arianna and I had a nice conversation this afternoon, and I learned there are apparently more girls around here somewhere that I haven't even met yet. One of them is named Ari too. Oh and Bou, Atropa's sister, like dinosaurs.

Day 1800 - Had a nice nap this morning against a tree in the woods. This place might be getting to me in a good way. Or a bad way.
Day 1801 - What the fuck is going on around here? I'll tell you, NOTHING, that's what! The time I have spent with these people are the most uneventful I experienced in a long time. I can't explain it, but something weird is going on. Nothing should be this peaceful.
Day 1802 - I need more booze.
Day 1805 - A new guy got here. He's kinda weird, but I'm not someone who judges. I think his name is Kevin or Kyle or something like that. He likes to eat mushrooms.
Day 1816 - I GOT A TRUCK!
Day 1822 - We went into town today. Spokane I think it was. It was haunted by demons or something, but something exciting did happen! I got a date!
Day 1823 - We got the truck fixed up again. I didn't write about what happened between then and now, but last time we had it 'fixed up', Kyle blew up. He didn't this time though! The flamethrower is working perfectly! I think! I'm not sure how all that mechanical stuff works, but boy does it work! That date with Katie is tonight, and I think it's gonna be like that first night with Abbie. Sure hope so.

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