The Merchant

The Merchant is a wandering salesman. He speaks with a singularly peculiar Italian accent, his voice always slightly muffled, and every so often segues into Latin. The Merchant wears a reversible hooded cloak, bright crimson on the outside and black on the inside. His nose, mouth, and lower jaw are wrapped in blood-soaked linen. He carries a crimson tower shield inlaid with gold and a pilum on his back, and a crimson sword on his belt. His cart of goods is drawn by two horses, one red and one black, both with their heads and torsos armored with gleaming polished steel plates.

He deals in mundane and unique equipment and goods. Mundane equipment and goods could be exchanged for mundane things possessed by players. Mundane goods are pretty straightforward: ammunition, grenades, explosives, medical supplies, food and water. Unique goods and equipment, such as those which provide mechanical benefits, require something more.

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