This is Where We Live

There are a lot of houses in Tinwald, and people claiming rooms all over the place. If your character wants a room of their own, let Maddy LMaddy L know, and she can edit the blueprints accordingly.

Meeting House

The Meeting House is where most of the big plans and discussions go down. It's a two floor, three bedroom house with an unfinished basement, storage room over the garage, and connected garage.


  • Common Sleeping Area
  • Dora and Ella Alvarez
  • Chirrik
Common House

The Common House is where most people were living when the group first came to Tinwald, and it's where most people hang out and eat. The living room is well furnished, and has a lot of candles, and the kitchen often has a few people milling around. An old office has been turned into a classroom for Jean, though she gets away with skipping class a lot. The basement is finished, often home to Jani's D&D games, and the back yard houses the town's two sheep.


  • Common Sleeping Area
  • Corey Moss
  • Darrin White
  • Jean White
Food Storage House

The Food Storage House is largely used to store excess food, store supplies that don't have another set place to go, and prepare food for longer term storage. The cellar is perfect for drying and curing meats.


  • Brock Mason and Ace
  • Haeata Ngata
Lime House

The Lime House is so named for the shed in the backyard. The shed has a Door that leads to the Te Puke Lime Orchard. The Knock is simply to ignite the spiral of black powder on the face of the door. Santos has set up shop in the garage, where he can usually be found tinkering on one of the town vehicles, or fixing furniture. Currently this house is largely unfurnished.


  • Santos Daniel
Kairākau House

The Kairākau House used to be an assisted living for disabled veterans moving from hospital care to independent living. Most of the town's books and magazines are kept in the library that U-475 maintains. The administrative office has turned into a room shared by Renee and Beatrice, and the connected bedroom is slowly becoming a lab space. The main and upper floors are still well furnished, possibly left untouched by looters out of respect to the people who used to live here. The basement has a few cots and several washers and dryers. The back yard has an overgrown vegetable garden, and an empty salt water pool.


  • U-475
  • Renee Parāoa and Beatrice Webster
  • Linda Tyler
Rugby Fan's House

The Rugby Fan's House was once a shrine to the New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks. The impressive living room with built in media systems is still intact, as is much of the furniture in the house. Evidently scavengers didn't find the ultra modern glass and metal useful enough to remove. The basement is a large game room with a pool table and bar. There is a hummer in the driveway of the house, though it's currently inoperable.


  • January Sohcahtoa
Adorable House

The Adorable House is a little rough around the edges, and is Santos' biggest project at the moment. The bonus room was halfway through a conversion into a nursery when the occupants apparently fled in a hurry. It is furnished, though nothing particularly matches, and looks to be largely second hand. Unlike most houses on the block, it doesn't have a basement, or much of a back yard.


  • Kevin Cassidy
Mismatched House

The Mismatched House is a bit of a mess. Before it was made part of the walled in portion of Tinwald, it was hit hardest by looters. None of the windows remain, and all of the doors have had to be replaced by plywood. All of the fixtures had to be replaced by the floor models found in a nearby hardware store, and so nothing really matches. The walls have all been painted dark grey to cover the graffiti that used to cover them, and the garage has been scrubbed of what used to be a bloody mess left by previous gang activity.


  • None
Shed House

The Shed House is a very small house on the same lot as the Adorable House. Formerly occupied by a agoraphobic hoarder, the main floor is all one room, other than the bathroom. The attic has been modified into an extra room that can be used as a small bedroom. After a good cleaning, the house turned out to be in good repair. In what there is of the back yard, there's a grave to the former occupant, who was found in the attic.


  • Hikaru Inoue
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