The things U475 has learned since he's joined the group. Also the information he has pertaining to people.


Sergeant Evan Mitchell : Apparent leader. United States Marine Sergeant, leader and apparent sole member of the Civilian Search And Rescue unit. Miscellaneous ; Master Smartass.

Hikaru : Former employee of Marshal, Carter, and Dark.1. Possesses a near symbiotic prosthetic created by Prometheus Labs2. Friendly.

January Sohcahtoa Jani. Friendly. Designated local master rice chef.

Dax Beauvoir Claims to be an engineer. Highly suspicious behavior. Do not be unalert around him, he has expressed interest in examining our inner mechanism.

Maria Anvali Appears friendly. Falsifies information for us to categorize.

John Renshaw Unenthusiastic except for pilfering the belongings of formerly living citizens. Fellow information falsifier.

Kevin Cassidy See Dax. Worrying dialog ; "I'm not worried. I'm used to this. Excited by it, really." He certainly sounded excited.

Darrin White : Grew Jean through unknown means

Jean White: The tiny lover of whales.


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  • How to cook rice
  • Planted rice does not grow babies
  • Anarchists are humans which survive and gather nutrients from munitions


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