Hey guys! Help grease the war machine! Add you chat handle with a header below here and add names for soldiers and a preferred appearance! I'll put them in my game and we'll see how long your guys stay alive on a brutal-ass playthrough!


John Williamson - You know exactly how this guy builds out. Heavy weapons/demolitions
Kyle Mercer - Sniper rifle or LMG.
Bill Smith - combat engineer/sniper

Lucien Tel

Mara McKinley - Assault the everything neverdie


John Renshaw - Heal everyone
Emma Dale - Sniper


Myrtle Rivers - Light assault
Shank - All the dakka. Zero explosives or flamers


Joshua Samil - Blonde Australian dude. Ideally, suppression support with as much utility as possible, including scanners and both Sprinter/reaction shot on enemy fire if using a modded game and not too overpowered. Probably is.
Delano Smascher - Blonde American sniper. Mod his rifle to trigger a grenade detonation centered on the target in addition to standard damage. Alien grenade detonation later on, maybe, with the more advanced rifles. pls
HUGE - SHIV. Big one.

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